Wil Willis Wikipedia: Wife Krystle Amina, Net Worth, Military

The army isn’t for everyone and the few who decide to serve either stay or leave after some time. Military practically raised this celebrity as he grew up in a base his whole life. He served in the US Army before becoming one of the reality TV show Forged in Fire hosts. This is Wil Willis Wikipedia biography, and details on his childhood, family, net worth, military career, and more only in this article.

Meet his wife Krystle Amina and their kids.

Wil Willis Wikipedia

Wil Willis was born in 1975 and is a Caucasian American born in a US base in Portugal. The decision to be part of the army came naturally as his father was an army man himself.

The military often assigned his father to different bases, and Wil moved with his family. He would move headquarters until his father officially retired from the military in 1991.

Willis’s LinkedIn shows he had an extensive career in the military before venturing into show business, two very contrasting worlds. He graduated high school in 1993, and just like his father, proceeded to join the army.

Producer, TV show host, Wil Willis
Producer, TV show host, Wil Willis

Will served as a 11B2V for four years and five months and belonged to the Ranger Regiment. Then, the ranger advanced and became pararescue for the air force from 1998 to 2008. He then became a military trainer towards the end of his career and taught military science and trauma care from May 2007 to February 2013.

He began his hosting career while he was a trainer and has since become an executive producer.

Though the transition from military to showbiz is strange to many, it was just as fruitful for the man. Willis hosted Special Ops Mission in 2009 and was known for showing audiences a realistic re-enactment of special ops missions.

He’d also host Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World, where Wil would test historical weapons that helped shape modern warfare.

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Wil Willis on Forged in Fire

Of Willis’s shows, Forged in Fire is his most recent and popular. He hosted the show from season 1 before appearing for the last time in season 7.

Forged in Fire was a reality show competition where blacksmiths would compete and re-create weapons. Judges eliminate players in each round until one wins the $10,000 cash prize.

Grady Powell hosted the show in its 8th season, leaving fans shocked at the change. Fans also aired their shock on Twitter after the History channel issued a statement on Wil’s departure. The statement said Powell’s appearance starts a new chapter in the show’s history.

Wil Willis on Forged in Fire
Wil Willis hosted the show Forged in Fire

Surprisingly, the former host also shared his experience while working on the show, which was less than pleasant.

He described the job as boring because filming was a complicated task that took 3-5 days per episode. But, Wil recognized the efforts of the production crew responsible for making the show into what it is.

And even if the History Channel hasn’t mentioned why he left, fans can look into his Instagram for additional evidence.

Net Worth

Much of Wil’s income came from showbiz and a little from being a soldier. Wil Willis estimated net worth is $1 million.

Wife Krystle Amina and Kids.

Wil and his wife, Krystle Amina, welcomed their son, Flash Orion Willis, and is likely why he also left the show. Amina gave birth to their son n March 6, 2020, weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces.

Wil and his wife, Krystle Amina
Wil and his wife, Krystle Amina

Wil Willis’ wife Krystle’s an artist, interior decorator, and illustrator born and raised in a Portuguese Catholic family. Both dated for a long time before Wil proposed on Valentine’s Day 2017 and married her in October that year.

Wil also has two other sons, Caleb & Jacob, from a previous marriage.

Wil Willis with his wife and children
Wil Willis with his wife, Krystle Amin, and children

Wil Willis Wikipedia info.

Full Name Wil Willis
DOB 1975
Profession Producer, TV show host
Age (2022) 47
Place of Birth Portugal
Relationship Status Married
Spouse/Partner Krystle Amina
Children Three – Flash (2020); Caleb & Jacob (?)
Net worth (early 2022) $1 million

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