Juanita Tolliver Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth, Teeth 

How much do we know about the MSNBC political analyst Juanita Tolliver? The lady with the smile that could light up a room, learn more about Junita Tolliver’s age, height, networth, and more.

Juanita Tolliver Age

Juanita Tolliver is an American journalist and also political strategist. She was born on June 22, 1985. Currently, she will be 36 years old in 2022. Also, she is of American nationality.

She was born in Tennessee, United States. So, her nationality is American.


Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm), Juanita Toliver is of standard height for an American woman. Hence, her inspiring passion for yoga is to thank her feminine and robust stature. In addition, she frequently does yoga. She posts about it often on her Instagram page.

Juanita Tolliver Wikipedia

Juanita Tolliver was born in Tennessee, United States. Moreover, she was raised in Arlington, Virginia. Additionally, she has one sister with whom she grew up. Juanita is close to her grandfather, who she admires. Hence, she posts about her grandfather on her social media account a lot.

Juanita Tolliver about her grandfather on her twitter

Juanita took up political science as a degree in college. Consequently, she attended the University of North Carolina. This school can be compared to Ivy League universities.

Moreover, for her master’s degree, Juanita participated at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. This school is located in Medford, Massachusetts.

She began her journalism career in 2016. Subsequently, Juanita grew to greater heights from there.

Without a doubt, she was able to work in well-respected companies. Previously, Juanita had a managerial job at two separate companies. After that, she became a campaign director at the Center of American Progress. Juanita stayed in this job for two years. Following that, she earned a career as a Political Director at Supermajority.

Finally, Juanita got to her current job as a political analyst. She got this job on the New York channel MSNBC. To add, Juanita has been working there since February 2021. She has worked there for one year now.

The MSNBC political analyst, Juanita Tolliver
The MSNBC political analyst, Juanita Tolliver

In 2019, Juanita Tolliver married Chris Leist. They both worked on Martha Coakley’s campaign together.

Currently, they reside together in Arlington, Virginia. Also, they live with two dogs.

Juanita and Chris have two cute puppies. Their dogs are named Josephine and Zora. In addition, “Jojo” is a black labrador poodle mix.

Juanita Tolliver’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.


Unfortunately, not much is known about Juanita’s parents. On the other hand, she often posts about her grandfather. For instance, she posts,

“To know me is to know I LOVE my granddad,”

along with a photo of her beloved grandfather on Instagram.

Truly, Juanita sees her grandfather as an inspiration for her life and work. She also mentions him on her Twitter account.

Juanita also had one sister who is currently unknown. She rarely posts her family on her social media aside from her grandfather.

Juanita Tolliver Net Worth

Juanita’s primary source of income is her job at MSCBN. She works as a political analyst and a journalist. Again, she has been connected to MSNBC since February 2021. She is still working there in 2022. Her career is an inspiration to all who want to be a journalist.

An average MSNBC news analyst’s salary ranges from $44k to $120k. Therefore the average is about $72k. Certainly, Juanita’s salary may be higher.

Indeed, she has a reliable background an excellent job on MSCBN. Therefore her net worth is known to be $3 million. Indeed, this number will only continue to rise as time goes by.


Juanita Tolliver networth and income sources
Juanita Tolliver’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million


Juanita Tolliver’s famous smile has sparked some talk in the industry. Indeed, she has perfect shiny white teeth that are the envy of many, that is to say.

JUanita Tolliver Teeth

Therefore, people want to know if she had surgery on her teeth. In other words, viewers want to know what she looked like before she “fixed” her teeth.

However, there is no proof that she had anything done to her teeth. Despite the rumors, Juanita’s teeth genuinely are one of the prettiest on live television, whether real or fake.

Juanita Tolliver Wikipedia table

Name Juanita Tolliver
Date of Birth June 22, 1985,
Profession Political Analyst
Net Worth $3 million
Relationship Married
Spouse Chris Leist
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown

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