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Lisa Boothe is a network contributor for Fox News and has been in the spotlight for her stance towards vaccines and the Biden administration. She is also a famous supporter of Donald Trump and an outspoken critic of Dr. Fauci. Get to know more about Lisa Boothe Wikipedia-type bio including husband, net worth, age, and measurements in this article.

Age, Birthday

The Fox News reporter was born on the 3rd of February, 1985, which makes her currently 37 years old.

Height, Measurement

Moreover, she stands at 5’2″ tall but often wears heels which she usually wears at 4size 6. Additionally, she weighs around 121 pounds, and her measurements are 32-26-38.

Lisa Boothe Wikipedia

Boothe was born and raised initially in West Virginia. However, their family moved to Washington, D.C. This is because her father, Jeffrey Ferris Boothe, was able to secure a position as an adviser to a senator.

In her youth, she was very good at lacrosse and especially hockey. She won two state championships and could have become a professional. However, a serious injury prevented her from pursuing this path.

Instead, she followed her father and her grandfather, who also knew a lot about politics. Consequently, she studied Political Science and Development at the University of Tennessee in 2007.

Political Analyst, Lisa Boothe
Political Analyst, Lisa Boothe

Upon graduation, she worked as a staff assistant in the United States House of Representatives to start her career and gain experience.

Around the same time, she was also a writer for The Washington Examiner. Additionally, she handled many political campaigns and directed communications for several politicians.

Afterward, Lisa began working at the National Republican Congressional Committee as an assistant press secretary. Lisa then later became a senior director at Black Rock Group, a consulting firm for communications back in Virginia.

She returned to the capitol and took on the position of President of Political Polling and Public Affairs Research.

Lisa founded her own company, which goes by the name High Noon Strategies. The consulting firm offers communications and public affairs managers for various institutions. Additionally, it works on political campaigns and with policy lobbyists.

As a journalist and commentator, she joined news channels such as FOX News, where she still appears regularly, and CNN. Moreover, she has joined programs such as Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Story, The Five, and Outnumbered.

Her latest project is a podcast called “The Truth with Lisa Boothe.” It is a talk show that touches on subjects not discussed by mainstream media. The podcast debuted at #3 on Apple’s top podcasts chart featuring former president Donald Trump.

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Lisa Boothe on Fox News since 2016

She joined Fox News in 2016, although she has no prior experience. Regardless, she utilized her familiarity and knowledge of politics and communications as a network contributor for the channel. She continues to appear on Fox up to the present as a political analyst and commentator.

Salary and Income sources

Lisa earns a lot as a journalist and has multiple sources of income. Annually, she earns around $3 million.

That figure is broken down to around $600 thousand for every month she appears on Fox News. Additionally, journalist Lisa Boothe earns $120 thousand from her deals with The Washington Times.

Lisa Boothe Salary and income sources
Lisa Boothe earns around $3 million

Lisa Boothe Net Worth

Over her career, Lisa has earned an impressive $10 million net worth from her various jobs and positions.

She Backed Donald Trump

The Fox News reporter is a popular supporter of Donald Trump. Moreover, she has caught disapproval for some of her controversial statements. She posted an essay in November 2017 defending Trump stating, “Politics is a dirty industry.

Many of the people criticizing him have spent plenty of time playing in the mud. They could at least wipe themselves off before handing down hypocritical moral judgments on others.”

Lisa Boothe Backed Donald Trump

Anti Vaccine: Lisa Boothe Shares Why she isn’t vaccinated.

It is well known that Lisa takes an anti-vaccination stance against COVID. She says that because she is a healthy 36-year old, she is not at risk of serious illness or death from COVID.

Additionally, she states that there is no need for her to take the additional risks from vaccination when she has a very high chance of survival against the virus.

However, Lisa believes that those at high risk, elderly age, and those with comorbidities, should be vaccinated. Otherwise, it is up to the individual’s choice.

She argues that because the vaccine only serves to prevent death and serious illness for an individual, as opposed to preventing transmission as well, then public health is not at risk if you decide not to get vaccinated.

In essence, it is a personal choice and not in the interest of public health.

In addition to this, Lisa critiques the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates as immoral and infringing on personal freedoms.

Indeed, she says that if people do not want to be vaccinated, they should not be forced to.

The reporter views her position on vaccines as “a giant middle finger to President Joe Biden’s tyranny.” Moreover, sometime towards the end of December 2021, she revealed that she contracted COVID.

“Add me to the natural immunity club.” Lisa said, “The initiation sucked but the worst is behind me.”

Furthermore, Lisa brings up the concern of crippling society in response to COVID. She tweeted,

“I understand why people don’t want to get COVID. It sucks, but it’s just so contagious it’s kind of inevitable. How much of society do you want to destroy for something you are likely going to get no matter what precautions you take?” 

She was Rejected as a host of “The View”

After Meghan McCain’s departure from The View, the talk show struggled to find a replacement. Lisa Boothe was among the candidates for a permanent co-hosting position on the show.

Lisa Boothe was Rejected as a host of "The View"

However, her anti-vaccine position put an end to this opportunity. ABC requires that all US employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before working in the office. 

Criticizes Biden for Forcing Million to get Vaccinated

Lisa is an outspoken critic against the Biden administration, positing that they are ruling by paranoia instead of by facts. Specifically, she points out the following:

First, despite vaccines failing to prevent the transmission of COVID, the government still requires workers to be vaccinated;

Second, she questions why only the unvaccinated are being tested when it has been proven that the vaccinated can still spread the virus;

Finally, she believes that Biden’s vaccine mandate cripples the economy by sidelining workers in a time of worker shortage and supply-chain crisis.

Lisa Boothe Criticizes Dr. Fauci

The High Noon Strategies founder blasted Dr. Fauci for his contradictory messages on the vaccine’s effectiveness and targeted demographics.

Furthermore, she believes that the public’s trust in Dr. Fauci prevents them from considering facts. Additionally, Lisa claims that Fauci is addicted to the recent fame and attention and will cling on to it even if it is not good for the country.

 Boothe Criticizes Dr. Fauci

Indeed, she feels that Dr. Fauci should not appear on television any longer for his recklessness. In her podcast episode titled “Exposing Fauci with Sen. Rand Paul,” she said of the doctor:

“No government bureaucrat has done more to harm society throughout COVID than Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

Lisa added that

“he was one of the driving forces behind cruel lockdown policies which led to suicides, delayed cancer care, and overdoses. Lockdowns destroyed lives and livelihoods.”

Lisa continued,

“Even worse, a new study found that these Fauci-driven policies only reduced deaths by .2 percent, a fraction of the deaths lockdowns caused.”

Finally, she concludes,

“No wonder Dr. Fauci went to great lengths to smear esteemed scientists who disagreed with him on these policies and the origins of the Coronavirus.”

Evidently, Lisa is highly critical of Dr. Fauci’s decision-making and suggestions.

Is Lisa Boothe Married to a husband?


The conservative journalist is not married to anyone at the moment. However, there are rumors that she is romantically linked with John Bourbonia Cummins. It stems from an interaction they had on Facebook where John commented, “Thanks for cropping me out!” on one of Lisa’s posts, to which she replied with, “Love you. Mean it.”


However, they are not yet married and do not have any kids together.

Did Lisa Boothe Leave Fox?

There were many rumors that Lisa Boothe left her position at Fox News. However, these rumors are false as she is still at the news organization. She continues to be a network contributor and regularly appears on Fox today.


Many people praised Lisa for her symmetrical and pearly white teeth. Thus, they wondered if she had her teeth fixed. However, she has not said anything about this. Although, before-and-after pictures of Lisa early on in her career do not show that she had work done on her teeth. Some speculate that she uses veneers and Invisalign to keep her teeth white and straight.

Lisa Boothe Teeth

One thing is for sure, Lisa’s teeth are certainly one of her best assets, and many would love to have teeth like hers.

Lisa Boothe Wikipedia

Full Name Lisa Marie Boothe
Date of Birth February 3. 1985
Profession Political analyst and communications strategist
Age (2022) 37
Place of Birth West Virginia, US
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner John Bourbonia Cummins
Children No children

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