Robbie Arnett : Age, Elizabeth Olsen’s Husband

Who is Elizabeth Olsen’s real-life Vision? Robbie Arnett is making a name for himself, and with his hardwork, he gained supporters from around the world. Robbie Arnett is famous for being Elizabeth’s spouse. However, the musician has more to offer.

Keen to know more scoop about the lucky guy who caught Elizabeth Olsen’s heart? Read more here to find out about his life and biography. Also, find out how old the handsome musician is.

Robbie Arnett Age

Robbie Arnett was born on March 3, in the year 1992. Moreover, the musician is 29 years old as of writing.


Robbie Arnett stands at about 5 feet and 10 inches. Moreover, he is five inches taller than his wife, Elizabeth Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen stands at the height of 5 foot 5. Furthermore, the musician is also taller than Alex Turner, who is 5 foot 7. Alex Turner is the lead vocalist for the band Arctic Monkeys.

Robbie Arnett Wikipedia

  • Early life

Robbie Arnett was born Robbie Nicholas Arnett. Moreover, he hails proudly from Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, the musician did not reveal his parents and family details. It seems like Arnett plans to keep his family far from the public’s eyes.

Furthermore, he had always been in love with the idea of music ever since he was a kid. Robbie participated in music competitions when he was in college, which developed his skills in music. Soon enough, his efforts would pay off and be one of the most sought-out indie bands in the United States.

Musician and lead vocalist, Robbie Arnett
Musician and lead vocalist, Robbie Arnett
  • Education

Robbie Arnett enrolled in Neuqua Valley High School. Moreover, the musician attended the University of California. Unfortunately, there aren’t any details about what his college degree was.

  • Career

After graduating college, Robbie established Milo Greene in 2009. Milo Greene is a brand that focuses on Indie music. Moreover, his band members are his friends from college.

In addition, Milo Greene is composed of Marla Sheetz, Graham Fink, Curtis Marrero, and Robbie Arnett as the lead vocalist.

Furthermore, the band was formed in 2010. However, they did not rise to fame until 2012. In addition, one of their songs Milo Greene, named after their band name, climbed to the number one spot on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart.

After the band got their deserved recognition, their songs were used as soundtracks for different films and series. Moreover, some of those films and series are Arrow, Supernatural, and Fun Size.

Additionally, Milo Greene was able to perform during the Late with David Letterman. Moreover, the band also performed for Jay Leno for The Tonight Show.”

Robbie is Famous for being Elizabeth Olsen’s Husband.

The talented musician’s wife is none other than the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen. Elizabeth is famous for portraying the character Scarlet Witch from Marvel’s Avengers.

Elizabeth Olsen is a sister of twins. Her sisters are famous twins who were child actors back in the day. Her twin sister had always overshadowed her. Moreover, Elizabeth rose to fame after giving life to Wanda Maximoff of the avengers.

According to reports, Robbie and Elizabeth met in February 2017. Elizabeth and Robbie were having fun on their holiday in Mexico when they met each other.

Moreover, they officially dated in February 2017. In addition, they moved in together in 2018.

Robbie Arnett with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Olsen
Robbie Arnett with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Olsen

“Yeah, we live together. It already happened, we just now have his old mattress with us.”

Elizabeth revealed this during the Late Late Show with James Corden.

The musician and the actress were engaged in July 2019. Some fans might think that the couple had a grand wedding. However, it turns out that they became husband and wife in secret in 2020. While Elizabeth was getting interviewed, she somehow slipped up her words.

In the interview, she called Robbie her “husband” for the very first time.

“I also just noticed that my husband put little miss magic, you know the little miss books..”

Furthermore, fans were quick to tweet about the sudden reveal. Additionally, People saw Mr. and Mrs. Arnett together. They were wearing matching rings while walking in New York.

Because they became husband and wife in secret, there are no available details about their wedding. Moreover, a grand wedding or not, the couple never fails to show supporters how much they love and care for each other.


Elizabeth and Robbie still do not have any children. It seems like the musician, and the actress is still figuring things out and is focusing on their respective careers.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Past Relationships

With her looks and talent, it is not difficult for supporters and celebrities to fall for Elizabeth Olsen. Moreover, the actress dated a few fellow stars.

Before meeting and marrying Robbie, Elizabeth Olson used to be Boyd Holbrook’s fiance in March 2014. However, their relationship ended in January 2015. Unfortunately, details about their breakup are unavailable.

Elizabeth Olsen with her ex-boyfriend, Boyd Holbrook
Elizabeth Olsen with her ex-boyfriend, Boyd Holbrook

Furthermore, the scarlet witch was also linked with Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston is her co-star in the movie Avengers.

In addition, rumors also circulated that Elizabeth and Captain America are dating. However, the actress just laughed the rumors away. She said a joke about Chris Evans and her dating for a long time now and are married.

Robbie Arnett’s Net worth

Robbie Arnett’s income source is mainly his career as a musician and a band’s vocalist. Moreover, he also possibly earns through live shows.

Additionally, films and TV shows also use his band’s songs as soundtracks which adds to Robbie’s net worth.

After years of performing and writing songs, Robbie’s net worth estimate is about $10 million. Moreover, his net worth estimate may still possibly grow in the future because of his success.

Robbie Arnett's networth and income sources
Robbie Arnett has a net worth of about $10 million

Quick Facts

Full Name Robbie Nicholas Arnett
Date of Birth March 3, 1992
Profession Musician and lead vocalist
Age (2022) 29 years old
Relationship Married to Elizabeth Olsen
Net worth $10 million

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