Chris Chan Wikipedia: Arrest, Age, Career.

Christine Weston Chandler is a social media personality active on Youtube. In addition to being a YouTuber, she is a musician as well. She is also responsible for being a cult leader with the development of Sonichu, which can be found on the web. Chris Chan’s Wikipedia bio including his arrest and career detail.

Chris holds the record of the most talked-about people on the internet. She is famously known as CwcvilleGuardian on the internet. On Sonichu, she focused on drawings and renderings of famous people and herself debuting on the news. 

We will learn about Chris Chan’s age, arrest, and career.

Chris Chan’s Age

Chris Chan was born on the 24th of February 1982, to be 40 years old this year. He was the child of Barbara Ann Weston and Robert Franklin. Chris was born male but later transitioned into a woman when he was 34 years old.

Chan attended James Madison University for speech therapy since she had not talked since birth. At seven years old, the doctors diagnosed Chris with (HFA) high-functioning autism, declaring that she would not live past high school. Fortunately, Chris was able to recover from it.

Chris Chan Wikipedia

Chris Chan is the visionary behind Sonichu. When she was younger, she wanted to use popular characters but was denied due to legal reasons. She then eventually combined the attributes of Sonic and Pikachu to create a new personality. The first Sonichu comic Chris created dropped on the 24th of March 2005.

Successful social media personality, Chris Chan
Successful social media personality, Chris Chan

Chris also founded a virtual band, Christian and the Hedgehog Boys, which released two albums. Their songs were covers of popular pop songs by famous pop icons. Chris’ popularity rose in tandem with the band, and she started amassing fans on platforms like 4Chan.

He delved into the world of youtube in 2007 but shut down the channel after being a victim of hacking. The group responsible for the channel being shut down identified themselves as Encyclopedia Dramatica Trolls.

Chris Chan Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Chris Chan Arrest

Back in 2021 an emergency protective order was issued to force-evict Chris from her family home.

However, she ignored this order, returned it, and in the process, left with $750 from someone else’s account. Chris was brought into custody by the police on 1st August 2021. At the time, she was residing at a regency inn.

The law caught up with her, and she was later on brought in and charged with felony incest along with additional charges. She was first detained at Henricho County Jail before moving to Virginia Regional Jail.

Highlights of the proceeding came after Chris behaved like a child, proclaiming that she was a star and that the officers who arrested her did not let her take her belongings. She could not be released on bail; thus, her next hearing was postponed to the 3rd of February.

Chris’ problem with authority dates back to her college years, as a leaked audio recording suggests that she had intercourse with her 79-year-old mother.

Multiple social media personalities took platforms like Twitter, TikTok, youtube, and 4chan to talk about the incident. On TikTok, his name generated over 30 million views across multiple videos; he was also retweeted about 300,000k times on Twitter.

Chris Chans brought into custody by the police
Chris Chan was brought into custody by the police.

Chris desperately tried to get a partner by appealing signs to attract women when she was still a student. Her actions caused trouble with the dean, who suspended her for an extended period.

After being accused of sending email threats, Chris was advised to take anger management classes. Students claimed that Chris was racist and homophobic in class.

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