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It was filled with controversy about politics and such. Father James Altman’s faith from a local parish in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has been placed under severe question. Netizens have put the spotlight on the priest’s career after he comments about the United States’ stature in politics, an action that was frowned upon by the general public. Let’s look at Father James Altman’s Wikipedia Biography to know about his faith-filled life yet controversial life.


Despite the reverend’s spotlight in recent years, his actual date and birthplace are not out to the public. However, some reports suggest that he is now around his early to mid-40s.

Fr. James Altman Wikipeida

Before becoming the holy figure he is now, Father James Altman was a lawyer before his priesthood. He brought his intellect and confidence in knowing the law to spread the good news of the gospel of Catholicism.

He took the education process for most priests, taking seminary formation in Theology for a few years before being the head pastor of St. James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse in Wisconsin. Father James has lived quite a peaceful life before his fame in social media, with support coming from the local church.

Fr. James Altman, pastor of St. James the Less Catholic Church
Fr. James Altman, pastor of St. James the Less Catholic Church


Father James Altman came to the spotlight through the various controversies that arose recently. On the 30th of August 2020, a video posted on YouTube involving Father James did not resonate well with Christians and fellow Catholics.

In the now-infamous video, the priest reiterates different points on why someone who professes their faith as Catholic should not also support the Democratic party and vice-versa.

To sum up, people got heated over this statement because the Democrats are from the left side of the political spectrum in the United States. The left is known for liberal points of view, with ideas ranging from progressive reforms and economic equality.

On the other hand, the right is known to protect the standing institutions that already exist within the constitutions, or in short, conservative.

Judging from the facts, it would make sense why Father James would say such remarks. Catholicism is often aligned and associated with traditional values, with the majority of the far-right supporters being Christians and Catholics.

Of course, the controversy did not sit well with Catholic authorities, especially Bishop William Callahan of the church in La Crosse. Actions regarding the priest’s comments were taken, and in July of 2020, Father James Altman was relieved from his position as pastor of St. James Catholic Church in La Crosse. Videos of the pastor are still on YouTube, and people support him after his removal from the church.

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