Pastor Greg Locke Wikipedia Bio, Net Worth, Salary, Wife

Pastor Greg Locke shook the world of social media after tweeting about covid-19. Moreover, his followers consider him a great pastor. However, he is also infamous for several controversies related to his name.

If you are unfamiliar with Greg Locke, this article will help shed light on his biography. Scroll through this article to learn details about Pastor Greg Locke’s Wikipedia-type biography, net worth, and salary. In addition, find out if he has a wife.

Pastor Greg Locke Wikipedia Bio.

Pastor Greg Locke hails proudly from Tennessee, particularly in Nashville. Moreover, he was born on the 18th of May, 1976.

Greg is a Baptist Evangelist and the author of Blinded by Benny. Moreover, Greg has a Master’s Degree in Revival History from the Baptist Theological School of New England. Furthermore, he graduated from Ambassador Baptist College with a Theology degree.

The Pastor has dedicated his life to traveling worldwide for his missionary work. Additionally, he went to a total of 43 states and several countries.

Famous and controversial Pastor, Greg Locke
Famous and controversial Pastor, Greg Locke

Furthermore, the Pastor was one of WHO’s 2006 WHO IN THE WORLD. In addition, he was also part of WHO’s WHO OF MERGING LEADERS in the year 2007. Moreover, the evangelist also won the WHO’s WHO IN AMERICA two times in a row in 2005 and 2006.

The Pastor is also the president of Greg Locke Ministries and the director of a Baptist College in Nigeria. Additionally, he also became a pastor for the Global Vision Bible Church.

Net Worth, Salary.

Greg Locke’s income comes from different sources. Moreover, the Pastor primarily earns through the Global Vision Bible Church.

In addition, Locke also accepts invitations as a keynote and motivational speaker for schools and seminars. Aside from his gig as a keynote speaker, Locke is also an author of many books. Selling his books possibly adds to his earnings. Furthermore, the Pastor also used to sell clothes in his online shop. However, upon checking, he only sells books now.

With all of Greg Locke’s income sources, he has a net worth estimate of about $500,000. The Pastor still has a lot of followers and believers; because of this, there’s a possibility that his net worth will still increase.

Wife and Kids

Greg Locke used to be married to Melissa. Unfortunately, the Pastor and his wife divorced in 2018. Moreover, the reason for their separation was due to their differences.

According to Greg, he did file for divorce, and he did not chase Melissa away. Furthermore, many of their friends and family members pushed him to fix his relationship with his ex-wife. However, Greg said that the divorce was final.

Pastor Greg Locke with his ex-wife, Melissa
Pastor Greg Locke with his ex-wife, Melissa

Moreover, Greg Locke has four kids. He has one daughter and three sons. In addition, two of his kids are adopted. Unfortunately, detailed information about his kids’ identities is unavailable.


Pastor Greg has had a lot of issues during his lifetime. And recently, he has been the topic of social media users. The Pastor was banned from Twitter last September of 2021 after he tweeted about COVID-19. Moreover, he was flagged for misinformation.

In addition, Greg is also infamous for making his church mask-free. The Pastor stated that if people insist on wearing masks to his church, he asks them to leave. Despite many people criticizing the Pastor, his followers still supported him.

Pastor Greg Locke twitter banned controversies
Pastor Greg Locke was banned from Twitter

Pastor Greg was involved in another controversy last February. The Pastor organized a book-burning event wherein he and his followers burn books that they consider satanic. Media covered the said event. Consequently, the Pastor spoke during a private event at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, expressing he was not happy with the media coverage and said that the news was unfair to him.

Greg Locke said that it was sad to think that he needed plenty of security during his preaches. This was after people who protested again Greg attended the event.

In addition, many Twitter users tweeted about their disappointment about the book-burning event. Some even said that book-burning is stupid. Other users said that the Pastor was a hypocrite.

Greg Locke Wikipedia

Full Name Greg Locke
Date of Birth May 18, 1976
Occupation Pastor
Age (2022) 45 years old
Relationship Status Divorced
Children 4

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