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Supporters of Donald Trump attacked the US Capitol on the 6th of January, 2021. Many police officers rushed to help. Michael Fanone is one of them, and he was one of many. Prior to this, he worked for the Metropolitan Police Department for almost 20 years as a narcotics officer. Keep reading to know more about Michael Fanone’s accent and wife in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Michael Fanone Wikipedia Biography.

 The police officer was born in Washington, D.C. However, he was raised in Alexandria, Virginia. His mother, Terry Fanone, is a social worker, and he currently lives with her in Virginia. His father’s identity and name are unknown. However, he was practicing law at a large firm. Unfortunately, Fanone’s parents divorced when he was only eight years old.

For his education, he studied at the prestigious Georgetown Preparatory School for about a year before leaving. Afterward, he went to Main to study in a boarding school. Finally, he graduated and completed his secondary education at Ballou High School. Then, he worked in construction for a little bit.

As a result of the 9/11 attacks, Fanone felt called to join the police force and law enforcement. Because of this, he started his job at the United States Capitol Police. After this, he moved to the District of Columbia and joined the Metropolitan Police Department. There, he worked as a narcotics officer for the next two decades.

The police officer, Michael Fanone Wikipedia
The famous police officer, Michael Fanone

Fanone rushed to protect the United States Capitol during the January 6, 2021, attack by Donald Trump supporters on the Capitol, even though he did not have to. The mob hit Fanone with a flag pole and tased the officer around the neck. Afterward, he was found out to have had a heart attack at some point that day.

After he got better, Fanone was one of the most outspoken police officers about the events that had happened. Along with other police officers, he testified in court about what he saw when the attack occurred. Since then, he has been on the media and CNN a lot to talk about the issue.

Indeed, he is known for calling out Kevin McCarthy and other Republican leaders to denounce the conspiracy on that day.

However, because he was hurt both physically and emotionally, he didn’t return to work until September 2021, when he was able to do so. As soon as he came back, his bosses told him to work in the technical and analytical services bureau, which he was not happy about.

As soon as he started talking about his job in the media, many of his coworkers and other offices began to treat him differently. To make things even worse, he felt that his bosses had put him in analytics to ensure he didn’t get harassed by coworkers who didn’t like him.

Many people who don’t like Trump or support him said that the January 6 attack is being made bigger than it is and that Fanone is overreacting to the situation or playing it up for the TV.

Eventually, Fanone resigned on December 31, 2021, after one of the insurrectionists who assaulted him was released from jail and placed under house arrest. Recently, last January 2022, he joined CNN as a law enforcement analyst.


Despite being born in Washington, DC, his accent is distinctly southern such as one from Texas. Many people compliment his accent, which makes his talking very clear and understandable.

Michael Fanone Wife  Hsin-Yi Wang and Kids

The officer was married to Hsin-Yi Wang, whose English name is Victoria, on June 5, 2010. He proposed to her in a restaurant called Park Cafe down at Capitol Hill. To give you some background on Hsin-Yi, she is from Maryland, US, and was born in 1979. Moreover, they have two children together, Piper and Seraphina Ming Fanone. However, the two divorced sometime later.

Michael Fanone with his wife, Hsin Yi Wang and his daughter
Michael Fanone with his wife, Hsin Yi Wang, and his daughter

Sources say that he had another daughter before his marriage to Hsin-Yi, who reconnected with her once she was a teenager. In the aftermath of the event, Hsin-Yi posted his name proudly on social media platforms.

Michael Fanone Wikipedia Info

Full Name Michael Fanone
Date of Birth September 3, 1980
Profession Law enforcement
Place of Birth Washington, D.C.
Age (2022) 42
Relationship Status Divorced
Partner Hsin-Yi Wang
Children 3 children

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