TS Madison Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age

Respect and support for gender identity is something that’s still controversial. Moreover, representation is one of the goals for viral sensation Ts Madison! Know Ts Madison Wikipedia bio including net worth, and age.

Madison’s life caught people’s eyes, and many wanted to know more facts about her. Take a peek at this article. You will be left reading about the transgender’s life and net worth.

TS Madison Wikipedia

Before becoming famous as Ts Madison, she was just Madison Hinton. Moreover, she was born in Miami, Florida, on the 22nd of October, 1977.

Aside from the basic facts about her, there are no public details on her family. However, she mentioned that changing genders brought problems with her family.

Education-wise, the infamous transgender attended and graduated in 2009 from Southridge Senior High School in Miami. However, this fact is the only information we have regarding her education.

After graduating high school, she was working for jobs that would suit her but was always fired. Her gender brought some difficulty in her life, but she never regretted her decisions in life. Thus, Madison formed Raw Dawgg Entertainment in 2009. The company mentioned is a media that produces and distributes adult transgender materials.

Entrepreneur and actress, TS Madison
Entrepreneur and actress, TS Madison

As mentioned earlier, Ts Madison is a transgender woman. Her name ‘TS’ actually stands for Transexual. Moreover, she has been open about her gender and accepted her identity.

In 2004, Ts Маdіѕоn started а g4у р0rn wеbѕіtе. However, Miss Madison came to viewers’ attention when her ‘New Weave 22 Inches’ vine video went viral. In the 2013 video, she was exposing her naked body. However, showing off skin wasn’t new to her since, during the time, she was working as a s*x worker and running her company.

In the same year, she started her youtube channel ‘TsMadisonHinton‘ and shared about her struggles as a transgender person. Moreover, the viral video helped boost her up and gave her opportunities in life. The Huffington Post even called her a “transversal sensation.” Aside from youtube, Madison is also a singer and an author.

In 2014, she signed with Pink Money and had released songs like ‘Drop.’ Her recent music is a collaboration song with Todrick Hall. Fast forward to 2015, she wrote an autobiography called A Light Through the Shade: An Autobiography of a Queen.

She used to guest star on shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race in the previous years. ‘Wait A Minute,’ ‘Beyond the Bench,’ and ‘Zola’ were a few shows and movies she was in. Moreover, in 2021, she is starring in the reality show ‘The Ts Madison Experience‘ and the Netflix movie ‘The Perfect Find.’

In addition, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016, which was the cherry on top of her booming success. Moreover, she is one of the Top 100 influential LGBT people in 2019.

TS Madison Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Net Worth

As mentioned, Ts Madison has worked as an actor, entertainer, and businesswoman. Moreover, she is a proud LGBTQ+ activist.

As of present, she has around $1 million net worth. She mostly earned such a large amount from acting and doing business.

TS Madison Networth and Income
TS Madison has around $1 million net worth

Ts Madison Wikipedia

Name TS Madison
Full Name Madison Hinton
Birthdate October 22, 1977
Age (2022) 44
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, US
Gender Transgender
Profession Entrepreneur, Actor, Entertainer, LGBT Activist
Net Worth $1 Million

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