Kim Clement Wikipedia: Wife & Kids, Prophecies

Kim Clements took the world by storm because of his predictions. He has gained supporters for his prophecies and sermons. Some might call him a prophet, but some claimed he was a fraud. Kim Clement Wikipedia biography.

People still want to know what the Pastor has done upon his death. In this write-up, you will have an in-depth look at Kim Clement’s biography. Also, learn about his wife, kids, and the prophecies he has shared.

Kim Clement Wikipedia

  • Early Life

Kim Clement was a singer and pastor. Moreover, he was also an author, director, and producer.

Kim Clement was born on the 30th of September 1956 to parents Babette and Vivian Clement. He hails proudly from South Africa, specifically in Uitenhage.

Ever since Kim was still a kid, he wanted to be a musician. Moreover, his mother sent him to Trinity College of London, where the pastor learned to play Jazz and rock.

As a teenager, the pastor was exposed to drugs such as heroin and became addicted during his years. However, there was a time when he got robbed and stabbed in a bar while overdosing on heroin in 1974. His suffering did not stop there, he walked out of the bar and fell into a dike.

Moreover, all Clement could do was say Jesus’ name. Suddenly, a man reached out to him and saved him from dying. It turned out that the man was Christian, and that’s when his life changed.

Kim attended Oral Roberts University to focus on courses about the Bible.

Famous Pastor and Author, Kim Clement
Famous Pastor and Author, Kim Clement
  • Career before death

Kim Clement dedicated his life as a youth pastor for different churches from 1976 until 1978. From 1976 to 1977, the Pastor joined the South African Army. In addition, he also began counseling for a rehab center for drugs which is Vital Link.

Furthermore, the pastor also helped train disabled children with their coordination by using music. He then established The Lyric Christian Center, which is a non-racial church, the first one in South Africa. Moreover, the Pastor went to America to participate in Christ for Nations.

Clement went back and forth from South Africa to the US before permanently moving to America in 1991. He then established The Warriors of the New Millennium. The movement aimed to provide aid to people who were suffering in Michigan.

Moreover, Kim launched books about his prophecies. His first book, Sound of His Voice, was published last November 17th, 1993.

When and How did Kim Clement Die?

Kim Clement passed away on November 23, 2016. The Pastor was diagnosed with pneumonia and suffered lung complications. Other sources say that he died because of a brain bleed. However, those claims were never verified.

“Our hearts are broken, but we cannot mention his passing without honoring and celebrating the amazing life that Kim lived.” Kim’s family stated upon announcing his passing.

Moreover, the pastor died at the age of 60.


Many people call Kim a prophet. Some would also say he was a self-proclaimed prophet. According to Kim Clement’s website, God used him to let the people know about the future. Additionally, the same website claims that people were drawn to Kim because of his prophetic gift.

He even prophesied that Eminem and Stephen King would become a voice and writers of the Kingdom of God. However, his prophecy never came true. Moreover, Kim also prophesied an event last July 25, 1996. According to the pastor, there would be one terrorist attack after another.

“I am shaking this place. I am shaking your ground. I am shaking the earth. There has been a terrorist act and there will be another.”

The pastor said.

Furthermore, Clement also gave a prophecy about Donald Trump. According to the pastor’s prophecy, he would be the pastor’s president. Unfortunately, further details about the prophecy are unavailable.

Kim Clement Prophecies
A self-proclaimed prophet, Kim Clement

Additionally, there were some of Kim Clement’s prophecies that came true. One of the prophecies was about how Hurricane Katrina would hit America. Another prophecy was about 9/11. The pastor predicted something about a terrorist attack that would shake the country of America. Moreover, he also predicted the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

Kim Clement has his own Youtube Channel with over 261,000 subscribers, where he uploads videos of his prophecies.

Last Words

One of Kim Clement’s last prophetic words was about he will restore America and that the country will sing his songs and pray his prayers.

According to the pastor, the Lord told him there would be a sound of liberty from the white house in 2016. Moreover, Kim said that the atheists and all of the nation’s enemies would be judged.

Wife and Kids

Kim Clement’s wife was Jane Elizabeth Barnes. Kim and Jane became husband and wife in December 1978. Moreover, the pastor and Jane met at the Word of Faith Church. According to Clement, Jane stole his heart.

Furthermore, their wedding took place in Durban, South Africa. In addition, they have five kids together.

Their firstborn is Donne Clement (42), born on January 4th, 1979. Moreover, their second-born is Jacquelyn Clement (37), born on January 24th, 1984.

The Clements then welcomed Caleb (30) on January 21st, 1991. Furthermore, they were blessed with another daughter Elizabeth Clement (25), on August 16th, 1996.

Finally, their last child is Jakob Clement (23), born on January 9th, 1998.

Kim Clement with his beautiful wife, Jane Elizabeth Barnes
Kim Clement with his beautiful wife, Jane Elizabeth Barnes

Net Worth

One of Kim Clement’s possible income sources is his career as a songwriter. Moreover, he also earns as a director and producer.

The pastor produced short films and even music videos such as Directions, Secrets, and Boys and Girls.

Furthermore, he most likely also earns through selling his prophecy book.

With all his income sources combined, Kim Clement’s net worth estimate is about $7 million before his death.

Kim Clement networth and income sources
Kim Clement’s net worth estimate was about $7 million

Kim CLement Wikipedia

Full Name Kim Clement
Date of Birth September 30, 1956
Occupation Pastor, Author, Producer, songwriter
Age (2022) Would have been 65 years old
Date of Death November 23, 2016
Age when he died 60 years old
Relationship Status Married to Jane Clement
Net Worth $7 million
Children Donne Clement, Jacquelyn Clement, Caleb Clement, Elizabeth Clement, Jakob Clement

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