Lana Zak Wikipedia: Age, Parents, Husband

Multiple award winner Lana Zak has been in the news reporting scene since 2008. From covering political news stories to different political figures, Zak has made a name for herself in the industry.

Let’s take a glimpse at the news anchor in this write-up. Moreover, get all the scoop on Lana Zak’s Wikipedia biography, including her age and parents. Learn also whether or not she has a husband.

Lana Zak Age

Lana Zak is 42 years old. The news anchor was born on the 29th of December, 1979.

Lana Zak Wikipedia

Lana Zak began her career in ABC News. She started as Diane Sawyer’s anchor producer. Soon enough, she became ABC News’ Coordinating Producer centered on Special Units.

Moreover, she is also considered a member of the Capitol and the White House’s press corps. Furthermore, her career as a political reporter for ABC started during the campaign for Barack Obama in 2008.


According to her LinkedIn account, she worked for ABC News for 14 years. Furthermore, the news anchor left ABC News sometime in January 2020 and transferred to CBS News.

Moreover, Lana became CBS News’ weekend and evening anchor.

In addition, Lana has covered different political news stories. She covered Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death. Furthermore, the news anchor also interviews political personalities as part of her job.

 Is She Married to her husband?

Lana Zak’s husband is Seth Andrew. Lana and Andrew became husband and wife on August 21st, 2004.

According to Lana, she and Seth met at Northwestern University during a summer debate camp. Additionally, they were both their debate team’s captains. The CBS news anchor said that Seth did everything to get her attention.

Furthermore, Seth traveled to Iowa to bring Lana to his senior prom.

Lana’s husband established the Democracy Prep Public Schools. However, he was arrested in 2021 for money Laundering. According to reports, he stole about 218,005 dollars from his school.

Lana and Seth have three children together. Moreover, ABC News reported about the birth of Lana’s twins in 2014.



Lana Zak’s mother is reportedly Jane Michong Zak. Moreover, Jane practices Buddhism. Unfortunately, information about Lana’s father is unavailable. However, the news anchor shared a photo of her with her dad when she was younger.


Lana Zak Wikipedia Info

Full Name Lana Zak
Date of Birth December 29, 1979
Occupation CBS News Anchor
Age (2022) 42 years old
Relationship Status Married to Seth Andrew
Children 2

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