Sue Aikens Wikipedia: Net Worth, Husband, Michael Heinrich, Children

Living in wild Alaska is unfathomable for average people. However, Sue Aikens has been doing this since childhood. The professional hunter has adapted to the remote life of the Alaskan Wilderness. In this article, we trace the details of Sue Aikens Wikipedia info.

While many adults have not held a real gun to date, the TV personality was already murdering bears since she was 12 years old. Sue is the lead of many popular TV shows like ‘Life Below Zero’ and others. For her, living in the wild is not a compulsion. Rather, it is her preference.

Let’s read about her net worth, husband, and children.

Sue Aikens Wikipedia

Sue hails from Illinois. Her birth year is 1963, and the date is July 1. This makes the hunter 58 years old as of 2022. She holds a Caucasian ethnicity and American citizenship. When she was a pre-teen, her parents split up for some reason. Following that, her mother left her on her own in Alaska.

The TV personality had a rough childhood where she had to learn everything on her own. Her survival instincts were nurtured under the hardships she went through. She was the only child and lived alone in Alaska.

Moreover, the TV personality was already studying before her parents left her. She completed her academics at 13 years old and pursued other passions. In addition to hunting boars, Sue is also a trained air pilot. From an early age, Susan was a fighter. It was only in her forties that her life took a wild turn. She was suddenly a TV personality with huge demand for her survival instincts and skills.

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Sue Aikens’ stardom from Life Below Zero

In 2010, everything changed for Sue Aikens. At one moment, she was hunting bears for a living, and in the next, she was doing it in front of millions.

Thanks to the show Life Below Zero, the hunter got to experience her life from a new perspective. Now, she wasn’t alone in her pursuit of living in the wilderness. Millions around the world watched her and wished her good fortune.

Hunter and TV personality, Sue Aikens on Life Below Zero
Hunter and TV personality, Susan Aikens

Life Below Zero features other stars aside from Sue. They all reside in Alaska, hundreds of miles away from the roadways. The show made Sue a star and transformed her life. In addition, her business in the Kavik River Camp also flourished. The TV personality has already appeared in many reputed interview programs. Famous magazines like Forbes have also written about her.

Sue Aikens Net Worth: How much does she earn per episode?

As of 2022, the professional hunter Sue Aikens’ net worth is $1.5 million. She has multiple income streams. Her main source is the salary she gets for every episode of the TV shows. According to our reports, Sue charges $4500 for every episode of Life Below Zero. In addition, she also stars in other titles like ‘Flying Wild Alaska.’

Furthermore, Sue has a rent camp that is open for visitors and rental purposes. It is named ‘Kavik River Camp.’ The TV personality charges $350 per night for her visitors who stay in the camp. Not only this, but she also owns a gas station. Her salary from TV shows amounts to more than $200k per year. And her side hustles are equally good.

Sue Aikens Husbands: Married Three Times

The TV personality has had three husbands so far. According to Cinemaholic, her first husband died because of a major disease. He succumbed to a brain tumor, and thus, Sue had to search for love again.

Following that, Sue married another guy named Eddie James. Their relationship was bliss, according to Susan, and they were together for almost two decades. However, Eddie also left the world in 2004, leaving Susan widowed again.

Finally, she married for the third time. However, this time, another young woman snatched her man away from her. They eloped, leaving Susan alone. It was only after Michael and her probable fourth husband came into Susan’s life that she found love again.

Sue Aikens is now engaged to future husband, Michael Heinrich

After three failed marriages, the TV personality has yet again found her match. She is currently engaged with a man named Michael Heinrich. The duo does not shy away from posting each other on social platforms. She calls her partner ‘sweetie’ and occasionally posts pictures of him on her Instagram. Furthermore, she also leaves adorable comments on his Facebook posts.

In on Sue’s Instagram, we can see the couple having good times in each other’s company. The TV personality is clearly head over heels for her newfound lover. According to Michael’s Facebook, we speculated that the duo had been together since 2018.

Sue Aikens husband-to-be boyfriend, Michael Heinrich

Susan is Michael’s biggest cheerleader. She is so frank about her relationship and takes it as an opportunity to showcase her love whenever Michael posts on his Facebook.

According to this post from Michael’s Facebook, he is a retired army man. His profile hints that the veteran studied at the School of Hard Knocks. We cannot verify if that was a metaphor or an actual school.


Daughter Jennifer Payne

Sue is the mother of two kids. But they aren’t kids anymore as they are both married and live far away from wild Alaska. Her daughter, Jennifer, is her oldest. She is the daughter of Sue’s second husband, Eddie James.

Sue Aikens with her daughter, Jennifer Payne
Sue Aikens with her daughter, Jennifer Payne

Son Jesse

Jesse is Susan’s youngest child. She had him with her second husband, Eddie James. Even though Sue doesn’t talk about her family and private life much, she does share some glimpses of her children and grandchildren now and then. In this post on Susan’s Twitter, we can see the Tv personality with her handsome son.

Sue Aikens with her handsome son, Jesse
Sue Aikens with her handsome son, Jesse

Sue Aikens Wikipedia Table

Full Name Susan Aikens
Date of Birth July 1, 1963
Age 58 years
Profession Hunter and TV personality
Relationship status Divorced
Children Two
Net Worth $1.5 million
Instagram 40k followers @sueaikens

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