Buzzy Cohen Wikipedia: Wife, Net worth

Buzzy Cohen is a recording music executive. He is also a television and social media personality because of his captivating performances on the famous show Jeopardy!. Buzzy Cohen Wikipedia biography.

Buzzy gained international fame after starring twice on the show as a contestant and walking away with a fortune in winnings. He later returned to Jeopardy! as the show’s guest host. Have a look at Buzzy Cohen’s net worth, early life, and career in the paragraphs that follow.

Buzzy Cohen Wikipedia

Austin David Cohen, 36, was born into a Buddhist family on 5th March 1985, in Short Hills, New Jersey, US.

Austin was named after Steve Austin, a television character from ‘The six-million-dollar man,’ a popular 70’s sci-fi show. Austin’s parents, who also had a daughter, Lindsay Wagner, were huge fans of the show.

Austin pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Columbia University and graduated in 2006. Soon after that, he became the associate director at EMI Music publishing until 2008.

Buzzy moved on to Domino’s recording company, where he served for a little over a year, before quitting in 2009. Buzzy went on to work in various leadership roles in the recording music industry, including director roles at TBWA Media Arts Lab and Squeak E Clean Productions.

Television and Social Media personality, Buzzy Cohen
Television and social media personality, Buzzy Cohen

His big break, however, came in 2016 when he opened his own company, ‘The teenage diplomat’ in Los Angeles, and starred on Jeopardy!’. A classic American television quiz show with a slight twist.

Participants are provided with the answers and then must provide the correct questions to hit the jackpot potentially. He was first featured on the show between April and May of 2016, where he appeared in a total of nine games and walked a with $164,603 in cash prizes after winning nine rounds of the Question-and-answer games.

Buzzy Cohen Net Worth

In 2017 he returned to the show where he made his final appearance as a contestant in the Tournament of Champions and walked away with the mouthwatering grand prize of $250,000.

Fan-favorite ‘Buzzy’ appeared on the show as guest host in May 2021, when he hosted the year’s edition of the Tournament of Champions. Buzzy, who was nicknamed, ‘Mr. Personality’ by the show’s late host, due to his sense of humor, confessed to the media that it was a great honor to host the show and stated that he enjoyed the experience.

Buzzy Cohen looking handsome
Buzzy Cohen has a net worth of over 2 million dollars

Buzzy is estimated to have earned a net worth of over 2 million dollars from working as a director at various music labels, from his private investments, and from prize money from Jeopardy!, which was over $400,000 in total.

In 2019 and 2020, Buzzy released a series of podcasts on Audible, sharing unconventional strategies for success.

Unfortunately, a Bussy Cohen Wikipedia page does not exist.

Buzzy Cohen’s Wife Elisha Levin and kids.

Buzzy married Elisha Levin in 2011, and they have two daughters, named Louie Rae Cohen and Lucerne Cohen. The couple resides in a cozy mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Buzzy Cohen looking happy with his wife, Elisha Levin
Buzzy Cohen looking happy with his wife, Elisha Levin

Their marriage was made official by Elisha Levin’s father, who also happens to be a Rabbi. Buzzy intimated to the press that his marriage to Elisha was the best decision he had ever made. Elisha is Marketing and Communications Director by profession.

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