Monica McNutt Wikipedia: Husband, Age, Height

Most people would think of the late Michael Jordan when you say basketball, but this basketball player’s changing the game. Apart from being female, she boasts an impressive basketball career and two degrees. The Washington-based female basketball star played for the Georgetown women’s basketball team and is currently a sports analyst. Who is her husband?

This is Monica McNutt’s Wikipedia details on the basketball player, her age, height, and more only in this article. 

Monica McNutt Height

Monica is staggering at the height of 6 feet or 1.83 meters, much taller than most American women. Other female basketball players who are also 6 feet include Allisha Gray, Betnijah Laney, & Crystal Bradford.

Monica Mcnutt body measurements
Monica Mcnutt’s height is 6 feet 1.83 inches

Age, Birthday

Kevin McNutt and Desiree McNutt welcomed their daughter Monica in the 43rd state of Maryland. Specifically in the community of Suitland. She was born in 1989, on October 24, and is 32 years old as of early 2022.

Monica McNutt Wikipedia

We can trace Monica’s roots back to Suitland, Maryland, where she was born to Kevin & Desiree McNutt. It is most likely that she got her love of basketball from her father, Kevin, who was a coach. The father likely trained his daughter until she became one of the most prominent female basketball players.

Monica attended The Academy of the Holy Cross, an all-girls Catholic high school in Kensington, Maryland. Then, Georgetown University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2011. This wasn’t her only feat while at Georgetown, though, as Monica led the Hoyas to a Sweet 16 appearance. She was a senior when she did and competed at the NCAA tournament.

Monica then earned her second degree, a Masters in Sports Broadcasting, from the University of Maryland two years later. The decision to pursue Sports Broadcasting came after meeting George Solomon.

They met at a party held after her graduation. The 22-year-old expressed her desire to pursue journalism, George directed her to the University of Maryland’s program. George Solomon is a sports columnist for the Washington Post and ombudsman of ESPN for those who don’t know.

Earning a BA degree and a Masters’s two years apart is an achievement for many. But, people know Monica better for her career in the world of women’s basketball. Her career as a star in the women’s basketball scene was short-lived. Her six-year career began in 2007 and lasted until 2011.

Sports Analyst, and Athlete, Monica Mcnutt
Sports Analyst, and Athlete, Monica Mcnutt

She proceeded to work for Prince George’s Community Television. This was before she became a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 8. Unfortunately, the network closed her position, so she packed her bags and headed to Florida in 2015 to work for the American Sports Network. Unfortunately, the network fired her around 2017.

Monica moved again to Los Angeles and worked as a cycling instructor to pay the bills. She debuted on Fox Sports 1’s as an analyst. She did this with the help of LaChina Robinson, Maria Taylor, and Jemele Hill. Things started to pick up for her as ESPN’s ACC Network hired her that same year.

Monica then worked as an analyst for ACC on a contractual basis. Furthermore, she hosts the Buckets, Boards and Blocks podcast alongside her ESPN colleague, King McClure.

Sports fans hear her contagious energy when tuned to Fox Sports 1 and CBS Sports Network. She also appeared on the Around the Horn roundtable discussion hosted by ESPN’s Tony Reali.

Luck is on Monica’s side but makes many of us wonder how she could cope with all these. Well, the answer is simple and quite obvious. Monica loves what she does. Her struggles after being sacked from the American Sports Network strengthened her. Monica McNutt Wikipedia doesn’t exist.

Who is Monica McNutt’s Husband?

The former basketball star and Fox sports analyst is currently single. Many are likely to think men are probably intimidated by her basketball skills and her sports analyst job. But, Monica did not say anything regarding her love life.

Monica McNutt is currently single
Monica McNutt enjoying her single life

Her Instagram also shows no evidence of a significant other or anything relating to her dating life. All her posts feature her in the Fox Sports studio and pretty much her job. Monica is obviously very proud of how far she’s gone. She did go through a period of struggle, though, where she was looking for jobs on the job hunting site Indeed.

And it appears that she chooses not to be in a relationship as she’s building her career. Monica’s struggle and eventual success prove that we are all capable of rising above and succeeding without romance.

Monica McNutt Wikipedia Table

Full Name Monica Mcnutt
DOB October 24, 1989
Profession Sports Analyst, Athlete
Age (2022) 32
Place of Birth Suitland, MD, USA
Relationship Status Single
Spouse/Boyfriend None
Children None
Net worth (early 2022) $300,000

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