Amanda Balionis Wikipedia: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Measurement

Amanda Balionis is a golf commentator, a CBC sports journalist, a yoga instructor, and a lover of pets. Her specialty in reporting news and interviews has given her a large following on sites like Twitter. She has also appeared on a few podcasts and given her own opinions at video conferences. Moreover, she also holds the distinction of being the first social media correspondent for CBS. People mistake Amanda for a golfer but indeed she is not.

In this article, we are going to discuss Amanda Balionis Wikipedia Bio about her Age Husband Net Worth Salary and Measurements.

Amanda Balionis Age and Birthday

Amanda Balionis is a USA citizen who was born on the 20th of June 198 in  Pittsburgh. Currently, she is 36 years old. Looking at her family, she is the daughter of Dana and Anthony Balionis. Sadly, Amanda lost her father last year, which left her with a few issues that required therapy to resolve.

Amanda Balionis Measurements.

Amanda has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 57 kgs (127 pounds). Compared to most women in America, Amanda’s height is pretty average.

Golf commentator, Amanda Balionis height
Amanda Balionis height is 5 feet 5 inches


Amanda graduated from Township High School in 2004 and worked for a BA in Broadcast Journalism at Hofstra University. She then got internships at companies like ABC News Now, New York Jets, and more opportunities.

Balionis would later be employed by WHRU Radio, the Association of Women in Communication, and the Chronicles Newspaper while still at school. She then got a job as a reporter at Lancaster Newspaper and later worked at MSG Network.

Afterward, she worked as a feature reporter during the MSG Varsity volleyball tournament. By 2011, she had left this position to partner with Callaway Truck and Roger Cleveland at 2014 at Championship. Here, she got to discuss various issues regarding golf as well as the participants at the tournament.

While covering her first tour, she told her co-hosts about her biggest taped disaster which happened in 2011.

She worked for PGA Tour as a reporter and news presenter for over two years before Joining CBS where she worked part-time as a reporter during a few tournaments.

In 2018, she became a full-time golf reporter at CBS and was particularly active on CBS Sports Network college football, and NFL games.

Other than that she also appeared in 10 Minutes with T-Mac, talking through the Black Lives Matter movement. 2019 marked a special time in Amanda Balionis’ career. She became the first CBS social media correspondent for the Super Bowl.

A Journalist and a yoga instructor, Amanda Balionis
Journalist and a yoga instructor, Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis Relationship: Married to a Husband or Dating a Girlfriend?

Even though Amanda likes to keep her life private, she shared a picture of the guy she was dating, Bryn Renner. Their relationship heated up in 2020 as they shared multiple steamy and affectionate posts on Instagram during Valentine’s Day had kicked it off on 2020 sharing and showing their affection on a valentine with a post on Instagram.

Amanda Balionis with her ex-boyfriend, Bryn Renner
Amanda Balionis with her ex-boyfriend, Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis Net Worth

Amanda Balionis has a net worth of about $900,000. Even though she has not revealed her salary, some sources provide a hint at her income.

According to CBS corporation, her salary is estimated to be almost $72,000 per year. Most of her earnings come from CBS. Additionally, she has also done commercials for the Supreme Golf app.

She is also a socialite on Instagram with 186k followers and 125.9k fans on Twitter.  Most of the uploads Amandamakes are of animals and sports.

She is also a professional certified yoga instructor and practitioner, with over 210 hours of training. She is paid to help people who seek to live a healthy calm mind and a fit physique.

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