Eugene Daniels Wikipedia: Spouse, Biography

Eugene Daniels has been reporting in the political scene for a long time. He is not afraid to voice out his opinions and beliefs; that is why many people look up to him and support him. From being an intern, Eugene is now a successful White House correspondent.

But how did this famed reporter start? In this write-up, you will find out as you go along and tackle Eugene Daniels Wikipedia biography and his spouse.

Eugene Daniels Wikipedia

Eugene Daniels works as a correspondent for the White House. He focuses on Dr. Jill Biden, as well as Vice President Kamala Harris. Moreover, he is also a co-author of Politico’s Playbook team. Furthermore, he has been working for Politico since 2018.

Eugene has since covered the democratic presidential primary, midterms, and also general election. He often does video journalism, print, and podcasts.


Before being part of Politico, the author worked as a political reporter. Additionally, he was also the KOAA-TV channel’s content producer. Moreover, he attended Shoemaker High School and graduated college from Colorado State University way back in 2012.

In addition, Eugene is a former student-athlete for the Colorado state

Is Eugene Daniels Gay?

Eugene Daniels is openly gay. His story of coming out is not known to the public. However, he posted a message for his young self on Instagram. During National Coming Out Day, the white house correspondent wrote a message for his past self.

According to the caption, Eugene went through bad things said and done to him by people. He wished he could protect the younger version of himself.

He shows his support to the LGBTQ community by going to Pride Parades. Moreover, you can also see the rainbow flag on his Twitter bio. Furthermore, Eugene Daniel’s partner is a man.

Eugene Daniels Spouse: Married to wife?

Eugene Daniels is not married to a wife, but he is engaged to his partner Nate Stephens. Moreover, Nate proposed to him sometime in June 2021. And the proposal was revealed through Eugene’s Instagram post.

Furthermore, Eugene counter proposed to Nate while they went camping. Their wedding has no exact date yet; however, the couple shot engagement photos last January 2022.


According to reports, the two have already been dating for four years. The author uploaded a photo of him and his partner in 2019. The caption says, “Two years with my favorite human. Happy Anniversary. love.” This proves that they have been together since 2017.

Moreover, Nate Stephens worked as Root Change’s senior technical officer. He is also a co-founder of a rural training center for entrepreneurship. Additionally, the senior technical officer has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, and he attended Carleton College in Minnesota. Now, Nate works as a manager for Anchor Collaborative Network.

Eugene and Nate attend pride parades and pride celebrations together. Moreover, Eugene often posts photos of them with sweet captions. Supporters, family, and friends show support by commenting on Eugene’s Instagram uploads.

Eugene Daniels Wikipedia

Full Name Eugene Daniels
Date of Birth 1990-1995
Profession White House correspondent, author, political reporter
Age (2022) 25-30 years old
Spouse Engaged to Nate Stephens


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