Maximillion Cooper Wikipedia: Net Worth, First Wife, Age, Kids.

This celebrity shows that all life needs is just a little hard work, perseverance, and a lot of vision. Just take it from Maximillion Cooper.

You know him as a race car driver, entrepreneur, and owner of Gumball 3000. He is way more than that, as he’s one of the world’s wealthiest celebrities and most successful entrepreneurs.

This is Maximillion Cooper Wikipedia biography and details his net worth, marriage, age, kids, and more in this article. Meet his first wife Julie Brangstrup.

Maximillion Cooper Age, Birthday

Maximillion Fife Alexander Cooper was born in 1972 on June 7 to Johnnie Cooper, a sculptor by profession. He did not reveal any details about his mother, but sources say she is a calligraphist. He also has a younger sister who was featured in one of his Instagram photos.

The 49-year-old was born in the English town of Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. Other entrepreneurs of the same age include Kevin Plank, Durb Morrison, & Romain Zago.

Owner of Gumball 3000, Maximillion Cooper age
Owner of Gumball 3000, Maximillion Cooper 

Maximillion Cooper Wikipedia

Maximillion was born and raised in the town of Stone, in the county of Staffordshire. Not much is known about his childhood, except he was always in love with cars and racing.

He attended institutes to perfect his racing skills, with the support of his parent’s of course. After that, it’s pretty much straight to his college education.

And fortunately for us, Maximilian’s achievements are available online for everyone to see on LinkedIn. Maybe even aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two from his credentials.

Maximillion’s career began in the competitive world of fashion as he was a Fashion Communication & Promotion graduate. After graduating at 21 years old from Central St. Martins with honors in 1993, he worked for some of fashion’s biggest names. He also very briefly modeled.

Then, the young entrepreneur started his company, Gumball 3000, in 1999. The brand combines Maximillion’s interests – racing, art, fashion, and philanthropy. The 1976 comedy film The Gumball Rally inspired the rally’s name.

Gumball 3000 is famous for its motor rally that is hosted annually. But, it’s the celebrities who participate in these races that make it even more prominent. Notable figures who attended the race include David Hasselhof, Lewis Hamilton, & Deadmau5.

Fans of the motor rally may purchase official merchandise such as clothing apparel, accessories, and books on their website. The most expensive item is a pair of Gumball × Carrera collector’s edition sunglasses for £300.

Maximillion Cooper Net Worth

And, the cheapest is a 20th Anniversary Tour Keyring for only £15. The company will be celebrating 25 years in 2021, and to commemorate the event, they’ll be releasing a racing game.

Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer, Maximillion Cooper
Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer, Maximillion Cooper

Circling back to the rally itself, it’s 3,000 miles and has an entrance fee of $750,000. The event also hosts some of the wildest parties at each stop and requires a great deal from participants. So it’s no wonder that Maximillion Cooper’s net worth is $60 million in such a short amount of time.

The 49-year-old entrepreneur is also a philanthropist and set up the gumball 3000 foundations. The foundation has raised about £2.5 million to date. It aims to help underprivileged youth worldwide by providing support via education and recreation.

Maximillion Cooper’s net worth is $60 million as of 2022.

Famous for being Rapper Eve’s husband

As if a $60 million net worth wasn’t already enough, Maximillion is also faithful to a wonderful woman. The entrepreneur married Pennsylvania-born rapper Eve Jihan Cooper, better known by her stage name, Eve.

They first met in 2010 at one of Cooper’s Gumball 3000 rallies and are still very much in love. Interestingly, Eve realized she wanted to marry Maximillion as she was in the salon getting her hair done.

Eve did not let any man see her with her natural hair until Maximillion walked in that day. The rapper realized she did not mind showing this side of herself to him and that he was the one.

Maximillion Cooper with his current wife, Eve Jihan Cooper
Maximillion Cooper with his current wife, Eve Jihan Cooper

Cooper married 36-year-old Eve in 2014. And at the time, the hip-hop community wasn’t very accepting. Marriages between two people of different races are common these days as the world’s more accepting now.

But, the same couldn’t be said about the African-American community. Eve received much hate from netizens, and some even told her to call off the engagement, but love prevailed. The couple hosted the wedding in Ibiza, which featured DJs, pool parties, and fun activities for the guests.

Fast forward to 2022, rapper eve and her husband Maximillion welcomed their son, Wilde Wolf Fife Alexander Somers Cooper, on February 1. Eve has also been a stepmom to the entrepreneur’s four teenagers from first wife, Julie Brangstrup. Maximillion Cooper Wikipedia page is yet to be set up.

First Wife Julie Brangstrup

Eve is a great stepmother to Maximillion’s children and, without a doubt, to their newborn, Wilde. However, another woman held the philanthropist’s heart before marrying Eve – his first wife, Julie Brangstrup.

Brangstrup founded Vitaviva in 2000 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Art two years later. Vitaviva is a Danish online store that sells vitamins, and interested people may visit the site here.

Maximilian’s ex-wife is a producer who has worked on films such as Love Live Long, 3000 Miles, and Gumball 3000. The couple married in 2003 and were once business partners, as evidenced by her works on IMDB.

Furthermore, she co-owned Gumball 3000 while still married to Maximillion. But she made her own moto rally in 2011 with the knowledge she gained from working with Gumball 3000. Julie & Maximillion divorced in 2010, the same year Maximillion met Eve, and she remarried in 2012 to Mark Brangstrup Watts.

Maximillion Cooper with his first wife, Julie Brangstrup
Maximillion Cooper with his first wife, Julie Brangstrup

She started Cash & Pocket to achieve equality among women through education. The Cash & Pocket is a moto rally exclusive only to women. The event spans four days, and racers make frequent stops at cities along the route.

Eighty women drive in 40 red cars on red clothing throughout the rally. As you might imagine, it does create a spectacle, and the women use this to their advantage to bring awareness.

Julia Brangstrup is also a mother to seven children. Four of whom were fathered by her ex-husband, Maximillion. The Cash & Rocket website also details her experience as a mother, and she appears to be hands-on.

Maximillion Cooper Wikipedia info.

Full Name Maximillion Fife Alexander Cooper
DOB June 7, 1972
Profession Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer
Age (2022) 49
Place of Birth Stone, Staffordshire, UK
Ex-wife Julie Brangstrup
Spouse/Girlfriend Eve Jihan Cooper
Children Five – Lotus, Jagger, Cash, & Mini (w/ Brangstrup); Wilde (w/ Eve)
Net worth (early 2022) $60 million

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