Juanita Tolliver’s Wedding with husband Chris Leist and Kids.

Indeed, Juanita Tolliver is heavily involved in politics but has a spot for community service. This woman studied Political Science and then went to law school at the prestigious Tufts University. Additionally, she has worked in Story of Our Schools, Opportunity Nation, and the Center for American Progress.

Read this article to know Juanita’s love life with her husband Chris Leist. Also, know if the couple has any kids together.

Juanita Tolliver is Married to her husband, Chris Leist.

Indeed, Tolliver is married to Chris Leist. However, how did Juanita Tolliver and Chris Lesit meet? The sources say that they first laid eyes on each other during a campaign for Martha Coakley. From there, they dated each other for a while and built up their relationship. Eventually, they got married on June 23, 2019.

Juanita Tolliver kissing her husband, Chris Leist in wedding day
Juanita Tolliver kissed her husband, Chris Leist, on her wedding day

Thus, they have been together for about three years now, but the love hasn’t faded. They live a happy life together in Virginia but do not have any children.

Juanita Tolliver Wedding

Indeed, Tolliver shared more photos of their wedding, which happened on June 13, 2019, on Instagram, which she called “The Lost Files.” Moreover,  in the pictures, it looks like they had a beautiful wedding with a lot of fun and smiles. She walked down the aisle to classical music while Leist was waiting at the end.

Furthermore, their wedding was small and close, and only their dear friends and family attended the ceremony.

Chris Leist Bio

Moreover, Leist was born on June 18, 1991, making him about 30 years old, turning 31 this year. Like his wife, he is from Massachusetts in Tennessee. In the same way, he also studied Political Science at university. In addition, Leist works for a digital advertising company called Mothership Strategies as a senior digital advertising manager.

Mothership Strategies is based in Washington, DC, which focuses on political and advocacy campaigns. According to them, they have raised over $600 million for Democrats in only seven years.

Juanita Tolliver's husband, Chris Leist
Juanita Tolliver’s husband, Chris Leist

In his past, Leist was heavily into politics. In fact, Leist was among the many field organizers who worked to help Barack Obama campaign effectively for re-election.

Wikipedia – Info

Full Name Juanita Tolliver
Date of Birth June 22, 1985
Profession Media personality and political analyst
Place of Birth Tennessee, UInited States
Age (2022) 37
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Chris Leist


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