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Journalists these days face much scrutiny as many people are turning against them for whatever reason. But this hasn’t stopped this journalist from fulfilling his oath of providing only the truth to the public.

The public may know him as the one who had questions directed at Trump & Putin in the 2018 Helsinki Summit. This is Jonathan Lemire’s Wikipedia Biography that tells you about his salary, and love life with wife Carrie Melago.

Jonathan Lemire Wikipedia.

Jonathan’s career started the way most people’s careers did – in his youth, around the time he was still in University. His journalism career began at Columbia University, where the young man spent four years from 1997 to 2001. Jonathan majored in history during his time at the university and worked for the school publication as a student journalist.

Upon graduating, he worked for the New York Daily News, where he was making $200 a week. Jonathan’s focus was on shootings, fires, and affairs back then. The newspaper didn’t intend to hire him after his internship. But, they allowed him to work there a little longer.

Tragedy struck as the world looked on to the United States as terrorists attacked them. September 11, 2001, saw two hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center. It became one of the most catastrophic events to have ever happened in the United States, if not the world.

Political analyst and Reporter, Jonathan Lemire
Political analyst and Reporter, Jonathan Lemire

However, the tragedy would become an opportunity for the journalist. The New York Daily News told him a week prior that they had no intention of hiring after his internship.

But he eventually became part of the staff and was busy with the 9/11 incident during and after the tragedy.

The public may view the journalist’s credentials on his LinkedIn profile which boasts over 20 years of experience. He spent 20 years as a reporter for New York Daily News and the Associated Press.

For the last four and a half years, he was a political analyst and MSNBC’s Way Too Early host. Currently, Jonathan is the bureau chief of the White House and is responsible for coverage relating to the Biden administration. Jonathan Lemire Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Salary, Net Worth

Jonathan is publishing his book around October 2022 and will likely make money from royalty fees. Furthermore, he built a successful career as a journalist with over 20 years of experience.

The Glassdoor reports that a New York Daily News reporter earns $68,198 annually. And, Associated Press reporters earn $86,526 annually, almost 30% more. The national average for his current job is $94,744 but can vary based on different factors.

Reportedly, Jonathan’s career allowed him to amass a net worth of $1 million.

Jonathan Lemire is Married to his wife Carrie Melago

Jonathan is a married man, and his wife, Carrie Melago, is also a journalist. The pair met while still working for the New York Daily News. One thing turned to another, and the couple fell in love. Although, Lemire or Melago did not reveal details on their dating history and other aspects of their relationship.

Rev. Joel M. Warden married the couple on September 27, 2008. They tied the knot at Brooklyn’s Oratory Church of St. Boniface.

Jonathan Lemire's wife, Carrie Melago
Jonathan Lemire’s wife, Carrie Melago

The couple has been together for 13 years, and Jonathan fathered two sons with her. However, the couple has not said anything about them as they’re still likely in their early teens at most.

Carrie boasts an impressive career and is just as successful as her husband. Whereas Jonathan focuses on politics, Carrie focuses on education and the youth. She’s been the managing editor for the non-profit news organization, Chalkbeat since 2019. The news organization, Chalkbeat, focuses on highlighting education policies and other related news. Succeedingly, she has a career that’s longer than that of her husband.

Jonathan Lemire Wikipedia

Full Name Jonathan Lemire
DOB November 28, 1979
Profession Political analyst, Reporter, Bureau chief
Age (2022) 42
Place of Birth USA
Relationship Status Married
Spouse/Girlfriend Carrie Melago
Children Two sons
Net worth (early 2022) $1 million

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