Jonathan Roumie Wikipedia: Married to Wife? Family, Bio.

Jonathan Roumie, born on the 1st of July 1974, is an American actor. Most people learned his name after his role as Jesus in a show called The Chosen. He has also featured in other shows such as Chicago Med and Ballers in 2015. Here’s Jonathan Roumie Wikipedia type bio.

Apart from being an actor, he does quite well as a social media influencer. The 47-year-old was born in New York, United States. He comes from a Christian-faith-denominated family. Not much information is given regarding his family.

Jonathan went to study at the School of Visual Arts where he attained a film degree. Looking at his measurements, he is about 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 59 kgs. Let us now dive into details about his career, family, and wife.

Jonathan Roumie Wikipedia

After he graduated from Art school, Jonathan ventured into the world of films and acting. He has been part of various movies such as Chicago Med, Death Stranding, Ballers, Suspected, and The Mindy Project, just to name a few.

Apart from taking roles as an actor in movies and shows, Jonathan has also produced and directed live performances – The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus.

An American actor, Jonathan Roumie
An American actor, Jonathan Roumie

He has also delved into doing voice-overs for virtual games and MTV series characters, such as Evolve and The Darkness II and Celebrity Deathmatch respectively.

Outta Time, a song produced for the Unbreakable album was his first-ever song. He has won award titles such as Most Inspiring Performance for TV. Outside his acting life, he also has a huge following in social media, 203K followers on Instagram, who enjoy his content.

Is Jonathan Roumie married to a wife?

It is quite hard to believe that a famous actor like Jonathan is not in any relationship. Various sources have tried to interview him on why he has not engaged in any relationship with his female counterparts.

In one interview in 2020 with Spiritual Direction, Jonathan mentioned that he has tried to get into relationships but the problem arose where he had no connection with those he was trying to date.

While trying to define “connection” to the public, he says that although the women he finds are Christians, their faiths are not the same and this does not make him comfortable enough to want to go through with the relationship.

However, there are rumors which allege that Jonathan is actually married to a wife. In a Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry, it was found that a man by the name of Jonathan Roumie was married to Hannah Vanaroman.

 Jonathan Roumie with his co-actor, Hannah Vanaroman
Jonathan Roumie with his co-actor, Hannah Vanaroman

Unfortunately, these records were confiscated. Investigations were done and Hannah was found on Facebook having put Jonathan’s famous show, The Chosen, as her cover picture in 2021. These allegations have not been confirmed yet and thus his status continues to remain as single.


Jonathan comes from a very religious background. Although his parents’ names are not given, it is known that his mother comes from Ireland (Roman Catholic), while his father is from Egypt (Greek Orthodox).

He and his family currently profess the catholic religion after moving out from New York. He states that in the past, he used to follow the orthodox religion but as he grew older he ventured more into the catholic religion.

No information is given on Jonathan’s siblings as well as him having any children.

Jonathan Roumie family

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