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If anyone knows well about the wild west, Forrie J Smith is the man for the job. Forrie has been in multiple western and cowboy-themed films and series. His acting and rodeo skills quickly made him a fan favorite of all the shows and movies he’s in.

In this write-up, we will get a glimpse of Forrie J Smith’s Wikipedia-type biography. Read about his age, his wife, and how much he is worth now as an actor.

How old is Forrie J Smith?

Forrie J Smith is about 62 years old. Unfortunately, the actor’s complete birthday details are currently unavailable.

Forrie J on Tombstone

Forrie J Smith is a cowboy in his real life and has participated in cowboy-themed films. Yellowstone fans cannot help but realize how familiar Smith is. It turns out Forrie was one of the characters for the film Tombstone.

The actor played the role of Pony Deal in the movie way back in 1993. Forrie brought life to the infamous gunfighter and outlaw. The film was set in the 1880s when gunfights were normal. Furthermore, Smith acted alongside veteran actors like Kurt Russel and Stephen Lang.


The film received praises from the audience. Although it was another retelling of the story of Wyatt Earp, it still brought about new angles about the famous Gunfight that happened in the Ok Corral. In addition, Forrie also acted with up-and-coming actors, one of them being Val Kilmer.

Net Worth

Forrie J Smith’s income source is mainly his acting career. The real-life cowboy has been part of the entertainment industry since 1987. Moreover, he has proven to be one of the most sought-out cowboys out there because of his skills.

He is one of the favorite casts from the western drama Yellowstone. The actor has played Lloyd in the series for 37 episodes from 2018 until now.

Moreover, the average pay for Yellowstone is $400,000 for every season.

The actor has been in many movies and series such as Desperado, The Young Riders, Lucky Luke, Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice, and many more.

Furthermore, Forrie Smith also earns through doing stunts in films and shows. Forrie was also a rodeo cowboy, aside from being an actor. He possibly earned through his former job as well.


In addition, the average winnings for cowboys who participate in rodeos and competitions are about $40,000.

Because of his income source as an actor, Forrie J Smith’s net worth estimate is about $1.8 million.

Moreover, Yellowstone is set to release a new season, and Forrie will again play Lloyd. Because of the show’s popularity, Forrie’s net worth estimate will increase in the future.

Is Forrie J Smith Married to a wife? Kids?

Forrie J is married. However, his wife’s information is unavailable. The only known member of Forrie’s family is his son Forrest Smith.


Forrie J Smith Wikipedia

Full Name Forrie J Smith
Date of Birth 1959
Profession Actor, Cowboy, Stuntman
Age (2022) 62 years old.
Wife Married
Net worth $1.8 million

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