Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? His Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Though this TikTok personality draws in millions of views, you’ll find that the top comments are usually roasting him and witty quips about his latest on-field antics. Jackson Mahomes is also known as Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, who infamously danced on Sean Taylor’s memorial.

Is Jackson Mahomes gay? Are the rumors true? Find out whether he has a boyfriend or girlfriend in this article.

Who is Jackson Mahomes?

Jackson Mahomes is most famously known as the little brother of NFL star Patrick Mahomes II of the Kansas City Chiefs. Moreover, many believe that Patrick may be the next greatest NFL player, along with the likes of Tom Brady.

On the other hand, Jackson is infamous for his behavior and actions, which usually go viral on social media.

The three of them are children of Pat Mahomes, who used to play baseball in the MLB. Indeed, Mahomes has been the subject of controversy multiple times. Additionally, they have a sister who is Mia Randall.

Jackson Mahomes with his brother, Patrick Mahomes
Jackson Mahomes with his brother, Patrick Mahomes

In 2021, he was slammed for dancing on top of Sean Taylor’s memorial during an NFL game. Taylor was killed when invaders went inside his home in 2007. He apologized online and reasoned that he was directed to stand there to film his TikTok dance.

In the same year, Patrick Mahomes II’s brother dumped water on Ravens fans after their team beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Most recently, in February 2022, he was spotted using highly suspicious substances during a concert. Moreover, a witness said he was unmistakably high and clearly seemed out of it.

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

As a matter of fact, many users online strongly believe, in genuine curiosity or as a means to make fun of him, that Jackson Mahomes is gay. Likewise, these rumors stem from Mahomes’s very feminine voice, which makes people assume he’s gay.

In fact, one of the top comments that usually appear on his TikToks goes,

“Pat [Patrick Mahomes], come get your sister.”

Jackson Mahomes dating nobody
Social media personality, Jackson Mahomes

However, Mahomes has repeated multiple times on his Youtube videos that he is straight. Generally, he ignores gay comments.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2022

Jackson Mahomes is straight, but he is not currently dating a girlfriend. Though many women often appear on his videos, he has never been in a serious relationship yet.

Full Name Jackson Mahomes
Date of Birth May 15, 2000
Profession Social media personality
Place of Birth Texas, United States
Age (2022) 22
Relationship Status Single
Net worth $2 million

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