Jenna Ellis Wikipedia: Age, Husband David Rives

Jenna Lynn Ellis is a 37-year-old American constitutional legal attorney and author. She is mainly associated with the legal counsel she gave to Donald Trump during his election campaign in 2020. Besides that, she is famous for writing and publishing The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution. Jenna Ellis Wikipedia biography including her age and husband David Rives.

This book compares the Bible and the United States Constitution. Jenna is currently single – with no kids – as she divorced her ex-husband barely two months post-wedding in August 2019.

Below is a detailed article on everything about Jenna Ellis, her husband, kids, and the net worth.

Jenna Ellis Wikipedia (early life, education, career info)

Jenna comes from five, her two brothers and their parents, Dave and Valerie Ellis. Not much is known about her family, as she is heavily bound to confidentiality and privacy regarding her personal life. The family lives in Colorado, United States.

Jenna never went to a physical school during her younger years. Instead, she was home-schooled by her parents. She has attained a bachelor’s degree in technical journalism at Colorado State University. In addition, she is a 2011 Richmond School of Law graduate where she obtained her bachelor’s in law degree.

We will now dive into information regarding her career. Looking at her past, Jenna once held office in Weld County as the Deputy District Attorney.

Aside from that, she has also offered lectures to students at Colorado Christian University on legal studies and acted as a defense attorney for criminal cases in court.

American constitutional legal attorney, Jenna Ellis
American constitutional legal attorney, Jenna Ellis

In 2019, Jenna was hired to be Donald Trump’s Senior Legal Advisor for his election campaign in 2020. Before she was promoted to become a legal advisor, she was part of the media advisory board.

However, in July 2021, Jenna announced that she was resigning from being a member of the Republican Party due to alleged claims that she was not competent enough to defend the November election results. This event meant that she was not the legal advisor of Donald Trump anymore.

Additionally, Jenna has worked with news websites such as The Daily Wire, Fox News, The Washington Examiner, and Newsmax. She offers legal advice in radio shows such as the Moody Bible Institute Radio Network.

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Age and birthday

Jenna was born on the 1st of November 1984. She is 37-year-old, soon to be 38 in a couple of months. Additionally, Jenna is a white man as far as her ethnicity goes. Because she was born in America, it makes her a US citizen. A fun fact is that she was born on the same day as other celebrities like Jenny McCarthy.

Jenna Ellis Net Worth

Primarily, Jenna is a lawyer. She frequently takes part in court cases, contributing to her income and bank account.

Besides being a legal counsel, she is also an author who publishes books based on constitutional law and is also known for her stand against the LGBTQ Community in some of her books.

However, she keeps her income details private. Therefore, an accurate figure is quite impossible to determine. Rumour has it that she got paid $1 million annually when working for Donald Trump’s legal team. Jenna Ellis’ net worth currently is $3 million.

Jenna Ellis networth and income sources
Jenna Ellis net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Jenna’s Husband David Rives and Kids

David Rives is a researcher, a TV host, and an American author. He spreads the Word of God through his famous website known as David River Ministries, which he started in 2007.

He is also an author of a couple of books, namely Walk Yourself Thin (1990), Wonders Without Number (2013), and The Discontented Rabbit (2019), to name a few. David was in a relationship with Jenna for a couple of months, got engaged in April 2019, and married in June within the same year.

Jenna Ellis in wedding dress with her ex-husband, David Rives
Jenna Ellis with her ex-husband, David Rives

However, the marriage did not last as they filed for divorce in August 2020, with both of them agreeing to the separation.

It is rumored that shortly after their divorce, Jenna married an Irish Catholic musician, Shane Butler, but this barely lasted a month. Regarding kids, there is not much information given on whether Jenna had any.

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