Mary Bruce (journalist) Wikipedia: Husband, Net Worth, Salary

Mary Bruce is a professional journalist who works for ABC News. She started working for the news channel as a desk assistant in 2006. Mary married Duane Bruce in 2015. To know more about Journalist Mary Bruce’s Wikipedia biography, keep reading.

Mary Bruce Wikipedia

During Mary Bruce’s childhood, she dreamt of being in every place in the world, experiencing different things from different countries. Mary had a strong desire to travel. Luckily her line of work empowered her desires to become a reality.

As of 2022, Bruce is a 41-year-old ABC News reporter who will be 42 on May 23rd. Mary studied at her College at the Washington University, at St, Louis. She finished with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in History and Spanish. Mary did not disclose any information about her parents to the public.

A professional journalist, Mary Bruce
A professional journalist, Mary Bruce

She is one of the cores and well-known reporters in ABC news; in 2006, Bruce started her career at ABC News as a desk assistant. She worked her way to the top with pure hard work and thoroughness.

The year 2008 was one of the breakthrough years for her career. She helped the production team for the presidential interview, her hard work and thoroughness paid off, and she was promoted to segment manager. She also did the job on the segment named “ this week with George Stephanopolous.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg about Mary bruce’s works. After recognizing these works, Mary started covering all the happenings and events in the white house. The results that propelled her career are that she covered and reported the refugee crisis in Europe the interference of the Russians in the 2016 election.

She came to popularity during the 2016 presidential election due to her appearances and work on ABC News for numerous campaigns that she traveled around the United States for. There’s no Mary Bruce Wikipedia page yet.

Mary Bruce Husband

Mary Bruce is undeniably a gorgeous person. He met his husband in 2010 was; they are lovers. After two years of love and getting to know each other, the two got engaged. Duane Moore, his lover, is an investment banker. He moved to Washington for work purposes and met Mary.

The two lovers bind each other as one last 2015. They had a child after three years of marriage, and they did not publicly mention any information about the kid.

Mary Bruce with her husband, Duane Moore
Mary Bruce with her husband, Duane Moore

Mary Bruce Net Worth

Everyone who watches ABC news knows who Mary bruce is. The television personality estimated earning over her whole career is in the range of $700,000 US dollars as of 2019.

This is the money she gathered from her job. However, she did not state any properties such as; houses and cars. There is no doubt that she is making good money at this level of her career. But as it shows that she can support the needs of her husband and child.


As of 2022, Mary’s salary is estimated at $117,963 US dollars, and the tv reporter made it through a lot of sacrifices and hard work to be in her position as of the moment. It is worth all the hard work and sacrifices she poured into making her way up into her career.

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