Alicia Malone Wikipedia: Age, Tattoos, Weight Loss

Alicia Maree Malone is a Film Reporter/ Critic, Writer, Producer, TV Host, and Editor hailing from Australia. She has known for her exciting reviews as well as her immense knowledge of classical films. Alicia Malone Wikipedia including her age, and tattoos.

She currently hosts ‘TCM Imports’ on Turner Classic Movies (TCM); a show that brings back to life cinematic gems from across the globe. Malone, who has hosted two TEDx focuses on the challenges women have historically dealt with in the film industry, has also authored two critically acclaimed books. Find out more details about Alicia Malone’s career, achievements, and early life in the paragraphs that follow.

Alicia Malone Wikipedia.

Alicia Malone, 40, was born on September 4, 1981, in Canberra, Australia. Malone, who was always passionate about the film industry, dived straight into the deep end after high school, when she opted to forego university and moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue her dreams.

She began working behind the scenes on Television show sets as a writer, editor, and producer. Alicia began to work at the Australian national television station, Channel Seven at the age of 18. In 2007 she served as a director, writer, and host for a trailer park; after pitching the idea that was picked up by the Television network.

Malone’s expertise in all matters of the film saw her transition into a sought-after film critic, interviewer, and host for movie-centric Television shows.

Alicia moved to Los Angeles, California in 2011 and has since made appearances on various television shows. She has featured on ‘Film struck’ as a writer and a host, CNN’s ‘The Movies’ documentary (2019), and created/ hosted Fandango’s ‘Indie Movie Guide,’ to mention but a few.

Malone currently hosts ‘TCM Imports’ on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Furthermore, Alicia has written two books, ‘Backwards And In Heels’ and ‘The Female Gaze’ which focuses on the challenges women have historically dealt with in the film industry.

Malone has also given two TEDx talks on the same topic. Moreover, Malone was named as one of LA weekly’s ‘People of 2019’ and was listed as part of the ‘100 Worthy Women of 2016’, in recognition of her dedication to film history and for supporting women filmmakers.

A Film Reporter and Writer, Alicia Malone
A film reporter and writer, Alicia Malone


Alicia Monroe has several tattoos, which she has gotten over the years. She has tattooed the words ‘Explore’ and ‘Discover’ on her right foot and lower right shoulder respectively.

Furthermore, she has a tattoo on her left hand of the word ‘Dream’ and another tattoo at the back of her left foot that was inspired by the movie ‘Pulp Fiction. Monroe has another tattoo on her right hand that resembles a sort of circular design.

Alicia Malone Tattoos
Alicia Malone has tattooed the words ‘Explore’ on her right foot

Weight Loss

Alicia Monroe weighs in at 132 Lbs or roughly 60 Kg. Monroe hasn’t always been in such ‘great shape’ and has attributed her weight loss to hard work and stress.

Her weight has always been a touchy topic as she has struggled with the pressure of having to look a certain way as she worked in Hollywood. She intimated that a film director who was once impressed by her talent advised her to lose 10 Lbs. (5kgs) in order to be successful.

Alicia Malone weight loss
Alicia Malone lost 10 Lbs weight

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