Marty Raney Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age. Wife Mollee Roestel and Kids

It takes more than strength to get through the wilderness, and Marty Raney knows that well. This reality show personality never fails to impress his fans with his survival skills. Despite being in life and death situations, Marty continues to live his life in the mountain areas of Alaska. This is Marty Raney Wikipedia Biography.

Do you want to know the scoop about Marty Raney? Don’t worry; this write-up has you covered. Read more here to get a look at Marty Raney’s Wikipedia-type biography. Get to know about his net worth, age, wife, Mollee Roeastel, and kids.

How old is Marty Raney?

Marty Raney is currently 64 years old. The mountaineer was born in 1957. Unfortunately, information about his exact birthdate is unavailable. Some sources say that his birthday is on March 8th, but there’s been no verification regarding it.

Marty Raney Wikipedia

Marty Raney hails proudly from Washington, particularly in North Bend. The mountaineer dropped out of school when he was only 16. Furthermore, he worked as a logger.

Moreover, Marty relocated to Alaska at 18 years old and stayed there for good. The reality star flew via 737 Alaska Airlines’ cockpit with Duane Tibbles.

Raney then went back to Washington to marry his wife and traveled to Alaska. Furthermore, he worked as a logger for quite a long time. He spends his day carving and hiking with his family.

Marty and his family relocated to Wasilla in the year 1979. The area was mountainous, which Marty loved.

The mountaineer expressed this by saying,

“No job, no money, but plenty of mountains to climb and plenty of homes to build for the new Alaskan Pipeline workers.”

Marty Raney dedicated his life to the mountains and also saved the Alaskans. Moreover, he reportedly rescued people from freezing. The reality start also climbed the Denali mountain before starting a guiding expeditions company in 1986.

Reality TV star, Marty Raney
Reality TV star, Marty Raney

Marty Raney on TV Career

Marty Raney appeared in a TV show which kickstarted his career as a reality TV star. According to him, he never even thought of becoming a TV celebrity. However, an opportunity knocked on his door when National Geographic suggested Ultimate Survival Alaska. Raney did not hesitate to say yes and join the show.

Marty joined a bunch of other contestants and formed a team. All the teams will stay in a remote part of Alaska to trek, climb, and survive 90 days of filming in the show.

All contestants will have to make an effort to survive. Moreover, they will all sleep outside and find their food.

According to Raney, being in the show was not easy as the show was full of dangerous situations.

In addition, Marty even experienced life and death situations twice in all three seasons of the show. The mountaineer almost drowned as he was buried by the strong water force while at a waterfall. The survival show is as real as it gets.

Aside from being a mountaineer and reality star, Raney is also a songwriter and musician. He primarily plays his guitar during the show. Moreover, Raney’s popularity has paved the way to appear in many shows, movies, and even documentaries.

TV career on Homestead Rescue.

Marty Raney then participated in another reality show Homestead Rescue. The show is about people from the city getting lessons from the Raney family to survive off-grid. In an interview, Raney said that there’s more work for living off-grid. Things are built from scratch when it comes to living in the wilderness.

Moreover, the show has its own spin-off Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch. In the spin-off, the Raneys focus on helping homesteaders in Alaska.

Furthermore, Homestead Rescue and the Raney’s have thousands of fans worldwide. Even a private Facebook group is dedicated to the reality show where fans can interact with one another.

Marty Raney with the casts of Homested Rescue
Marty Raney with the casts of Homestead Rescue

However, there are also watchers who are not impressed with the show. Critics say that certain storylines are scripted. Furthermore, Homestead Rescue faced a lawsuit. Kim and Josh Zabec, of the show’s first season, sued the show because of how the show portrayed them. Unfortunately, updates on the lawsuit are unclear and unavailable.

 Wife Mollee Roestel & Love Life

There are not many available details on how Marty and Mollee met. However, it is known that Marty went back to Washington to marry Mollee Roestel sometime around the 1970s.

Mollee Roestel was born on January 31st, 1956. She hails proudly from Washington. Moreover, she was born to parents Beverly Watkins and Lorel Wayne Roestel. Unfortunately, her father passed away on February 28th, 2020.

Marty Raney's wife, Mollee Roestel
Marty Raney’s wife, Mollee Roestel

The reality star’s wife grew up in Snoqualmie Valley.

Furthermore, Mollee has six siblings. Her sisters are Pam Hillemann and Sheryl Ripley. She also has four brothers named Garry J., Larry, David, and Terry.

Net Worth: How Much does Marty Raney Make Per Episode?

Unfortunately, Marty Raney did not reveal how much he earns per episode. However, reports say that people who appear in a cable reality show earn $30,000 to $10 million every season.

Aside from participating in the reality show, Marty Raney also appeared in films like Spirit of Alaska, Against All Odds, and Surviving Denali.

Another one of Marty’s sources of income is his family business, the Alaska Stone and Log. In addition, the reality tv star possibly also earns through writing and recording songs.

Marty Raney’s net worth estimate is about $1 million with all his income sources combined.

Marty Raney Networth and Income Sources
Marty Raney net worth estimate is about $1 million

His New House

Unfortunately, details on Marty’s new house are unavailable. However, in an episode of Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch, it is revealed that the Raney family will try to build their dream home on a cliff.

According to the Raneys, their new home will include a greenhouse, workshop, and garden.


Marty Raney has four children with Mollee. Moreover, their first child is Melanee Raney. According to Mollee and Marty, Melanee’s birth was difficult; they had to airlift Mollee to Whitehorse.

Marty Raney with his wife, Mollee and children
Marty Raney with his wife, Mollee, and children

Melanee was followed by her siblings Miles and Misty Raney. Furthermore, the youngest Raney is Matthew.

Marty Raney Wikipedia Table

Full Name Marty Raney
Date of Birth 1957
Occupation Reality TV star, Mountaineer, builder, singer, musician.
Age (2022) 64 years old
Relationship Status Married
Children Melanee, Misty, Miles, and Matthew

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