Matt Amodio Wikipedia: Wife, Net Worth

Matthew Benjamin Amodio is a famous American game-show contestant, popularly featured in the Jeopardy Game Show. Matt was born on the 4th of December in 1990, which makes him 31 years of age. Matt Amodio’s Wikipedia bio includes his net worth and wife.

He is of white ethnicity and is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Matt is said to weigh approximately 75kgs. He is known for winning a 38-day streak game at Jeopardy. Let us look at his career, net worth, and if he is married to a wife.

Matt Amodio Wikipedia

Matt was born in Medina, Ohio, US to Jim(father) and Bonnie(mother) Amodio. He comes from a family of six, including his siblings Steve, Dan, and Mike Amodio.

Regarding his education, Matt is a valedictorian from Medina High School in 2009, after this, he went to study at the Ohio State University where he graduated with an honor’s degree in Actuarial Science and a master’s in Statistics in 2012.

In 2017, he went ahead to study Artificial Intelligence where he was awarded a Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate of philosophy (Ph.D.) in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Yale University.

Jeopardy Game Show Contestant, Matt Amodio
Jeopardy Game Show Contestant, Matt Amodio

He has worked in various industries in programming algorithms and designing frameworks for IP networks to be analyzed. Mainly, he has taken part in game shows such as Academic Challenge in Cleveland and Jeopardy (2021).

In the former, his high school came in second place as it was a competition between two high schools.

Whereas in the latter, he is crowned the third-richest gamer ever, him being preceded by Ken Jennings and Amy Schneider. Beginning his streak on 21st July 2021, Matt ended his 38-day streak and earned himself a whopping $1,518,601 million.

Not only did he hold the title as the third-highest at a regular competition, but also he tops as the person who has lost the most amount of money in a final jeopardy game. Jonathan Fisher was the one who broke his game streak on 11th October 2021.

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Net Worth

Most of his income generates from the game shows he takes part in, especially Jeopardy. In total, it is estimated that Matt has recorded more than 38 wins during his stint on the popular series. This amounts to a staggering $1.5 million in career winnings.

Lest we forget, Amodio was already a Yale Graduate with an impressive career prospect long before he tried out television. Presently, Matt Amodio’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

Is Matt Amodio married to a wife?

From when he began featuring in Jeopardy, Matt says that he started receiving many proposals from different women who wanted to enter into relationships with him. Although he is currently single, he has expressed hope in wanting to be open to relationships in the future.

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