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The tattooed singer Teddy Swims seems like the type of guy you’d stay away from. However, the moment you hear his gorgeous voice, you’d instantly change your mind! Moreover, it’s his singing voice that brought him to the limelight.

Now fans want to know details on this lovely man. Well, you’re in luck! We have the latest on Teddy Swims Wikipedia, net worth, and wife! Read more about it here.

Teddy Swims Wikipedia

Jaten Dimsdale, famous as Teddy Swims, grew up in Conyers, Atlanta, Georgia. He came into the world on the 25th of September, 1992, thus presently making him 29 years old.

Regarding his family, his father is Fred Robel. Meanwhile, his mother’s name is Glenn Robel. Moreover, he is very close to his parents, his mother especially. And he never fails to show her off his Instagram @teddyswims404.

Unfortunately, we have no background information on his education.

When it comes to singing, you wouldn’t expect such a voice to come from a big man like him. However, even before all the fame, the singer has always been interested in singing. Moreover, his inspiration to become a singer is thanks to his father and his best friend.

According to Teddy, his first band and their songs were horrible, but he will never change anything about it. Aside from that, he is famous for being in the band WildHeart and Eris and a few other bands that vary in music.

Singer and Youtuber, Teddy Swims
Singer and Youtuber, Teddy Swims

Then came 2019, when he was jobless and staying at his dad’s place. He then created SWIMS, an acronym for “Someone Who Isn’t Me Sometimes,” to share his struggles and experiences in life.

He started singing covers and sharing them on his YouTube channel to ease boredom. Moreover, he came to the limelight after sharing a rendition of MJ’s ‘Rock With You.’

He gained followers on his various social accounts. With 2.11 million subscribers on the video platform alone! He continued to cover songs while working as a waiter. By the time 2020 came, he signed a record deal with Warner Records. Thus releasing singles like “Picky” and “Broke.” He recently released “Love for a Minute,” which you can listen to here. Teddy Swims Wikipedia page isn’t available.

Net Worth

As a singer, songwriter, and not to mention a YouTuber, Teddy Swims has a sufficient income. However, with his career slowly rising, it’ll increase! Teddy Swims net worth is approximately $600,000.

Is Teddy Swims Married to wife?

The musician had a wife before she left him in 2016. However, around 2020, Teddy posted a tribute for his girlfriend, Nelly, on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, the said girlfriend turns out to be his ex-wife. Therefore, his fans assume that they got back together.

As he shows her off on social media, there is no doubting they’re happily in love once again.

Unfortunately, we have no details of his wife/girlfriend. We only know that she has a Twitter account where she announced their rekindled relationship.


The Wild Heart singer catches attention with tattoos occupying the expanse of his skin. Teddy found tattoos fascinating even at a young age. Moreover, he got his first tattoo at 16. It was a cross with his last name and the year he was born.

Teddy Swims tattoos
Teddy Swims has various kinds of tattoos on his body

By the time he was eighteen, he continued to have himself inked with tattoos. Moreover, his skin was marked from flowers to diamonds to his mom’s lips. He also has a tattoo on his face dedicated to his late grandfather.

You can see more of his tattoos and an explanation of them here

Teddy Swims Wikipedia Info

Name Teddy Swims
Real Name Jaten Dimsdale
Birthdate 1992
Age (2022) 29 years old
Birthplace Conyers, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Tattoos Yes
Relationship Status Dating/Married
Spouse Nelly Dimsdale
Children N/A
Profession Singer, Songwriter, YouTuber
Net Worth $600,000

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