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Gary Puckett was a famous singer back in his day. Around the 1960s, he and his band The Union Gap were considered one of the best bands of all time. Nowadays, Gary is going around having a tour with a few classic bands and singers.

If you want to learn more about Gary’s life, browse here. We’ve got the latest updates on Gary Puckett’s Wikipedia biography that tells you about his wife, age, and net worth.

Gary Puckett Age, Birthday

On the 17th of October, 1942, Frontman Puckett was born in Hibbing, Minnesota. Famously known as Gary Puckett, he is currently 79 years old. Moreover, he spends the rest of his days with his family and singing his band’s hit songs.


The former Union Gap singer is among the tallest members of the band. Moreover, Gary stands at 6 feet, towering over his bandmates. Therefore, he had more height than the late songwriter Kerry Chater who was 5’7.5” when he was alive.

Aside from his band, he was also taller than The Beatles, who ranged from 5’8” to 5’10”. The famous musicians came to the spotlight around the 1960s as well.

Gary Puckett body measurements
Gary Puckett’s height is 6 feet

Gary Puckett Wikipedia

  • Early Life

Before becoming a musician, Gary Puckett spent his life growing up in Yakima, Washington. The place was located near Union Gap and Twin Falls, which inspired his band’s name.

During Gary’s childhood and youth, he had been invested in music. Moreover, around his teenage years, he was already playing the guitar. However, he spent most of his education in Twin Falls High School and graduated in 1960.

He was attending college in San Diego, California, when he found his calling for music. As a result, he quit college and pursued music.

He played in several local bands before becoming a member of the Outcasts.

  • Career

Kerry Chater, Paul Whitbread, Gary Withem, and Dwight Bement were alongside Gary. The Outcasts debuted around the 1960s and mainly were releasing R&B-influenced songs.

Unfortunately, their songs weren’t fitting, so they met with CBS record producer Jerry Fuller. Thus, he helped them release better songs leaning to soft rock.

Singer and Musician, Gary Puckett
Singer and Musician, Gary Puckett

They renamed themselves the Union Gap and released their first single, ‘Woman, Woman’ on the 16th of August, 1967. The song was a hit and even reached the top ten in the same year. The group continued to have popular songs from Young Girl, their biggest single yet, and ‘Lady Willpower’ and ‘Over You.’

After artistic differences in music, Fuller stopped working with the band, and they continued as is. Their song ‘This Girl Is a Woman Now’ was their last hit. Unfortunately, their other songs didn’t do well in the music market. Thus, the rock band split up by 1971.

Puckett went solo and achieved minor success. However, he stopped making music in 1973 and pursued theater. Sadly, his acting career didn’t take off. Thus, he returned to music for a circuit tour.

Furthermore, he decided to record his old songs and earned from reselling those. He is slowly living his life touring and rereleasing his versions of his old songs for a living.

Gary Puckett is Married to his wife Lorrie Puckett

Before meeting his wife Lorrie, Gary Puckett was previously married to a different woman in the 1990s. According to a 1992 article by Tampa Bay Times, Gary tied the knot with Shirley Kaye. Sadly, their marriage lasted for three weeks only.

Additionally, the couple met years after the disbandment of Union Gap. Moreover, Shirley didn’t know who Gary was and just clicked together. Unfortunately, we do not know the reason for their break up.

However, at present, Gary’s wife is Lorrie Puckett. Moreover, the couple has two kids, Syd and Michaela. They are happily living in Clearwater, Florida. However, there isn’t much information on their marriage life. But it’s safe to say these two are meant to stay longer.

Gary Puckett with his wife, Lorrie Puckett
Gary Puckett along with his wife, Lorrie Puckett

Net Worth

As a legendary musician, Gary Puckett has made a decent profit. He has earned a hefty amount from his band, going solo and re-recording his old songs to tours. Therefore, he has earned an estimate of $1 million net worth.

Gary Puckett Wikipedia info

Name Gary Puckett
Real Name Frontman Puckett
Birthdate October 17, 1942
Age (2022) 79
Birthplace Hibbing, Minnesota, United States
Current Residence Clearwater, Florida, United States
Height 6 ft
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lorrie Puckett
Children 2 (Syd and Michaela)
Profession Singer, Musician, Musical Actor
Net Worth $1 Million

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