Sommer Ray Age, Net Worth, Height, Sister, Boyfriend, Wikipedia Bio.

Sommer Ray is very well known on the internet for her fit figure and workout session videos. Additionally, she is famous for her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and for being one of the members of CloutGang.

Stay on this article to learn more about Sommer Ray’s age, net worth, and height. Also, here is her sister and boyfriend in this Sommer Ray Wikipedia Bio.

How old is Sommer Ray?

The fitness social media star was born on September 15, 1996. Thus, she is currently 26 years old.

How tall is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray stands at 5’6″ tall with a fit figure. Compared to her sisters Skylyn and Savana, they are around the same height. Skylyn, who has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, is the same height as Sommer at 5’6″. However, her older sister Savana is taller than her at 5’9″. Additionally, Allisa Violet, who is part of the Youtube collaborative CloutGang and often collaborates with Sommer, is 5’7″, making her 1-inch taller than Sommer.

Sommer Ray Wikipedia

Ray is originally from Larkspur, Colorado, but later moved to Lone Tree. Furthermore, she has a Czechoslovakian bloodline from her mother’s side. At a young age, Ray was inspired by her model mother and bodybuilder father and worked out as early as 15.

Ray shared that she dropped out in her first year at Castle View High School because of excessive bullying. Then, she followed in her father’s footsteps and joined bodybuilding competitions where she was Bikini Teen 2015 in the Colorado State Championships. Additionally, she was Lovely Lady of the Day of Sports Illustrated in 2016.

Ray made her entrance into social media with video sharing platform Vine. She focused on short workout clips; usually, her mother also appeared. Then she focused her efforts on Instagram. Ray famously shared that her goal was to score a 200 hundred dollar brand deal on the platform. She blew that figure out of the park and has built her Instagram following to 26.7 million followers with nearly 1,500 posts. Ray usually posts fit checks and her beautiful figure.

Social Media Influencer and Youtuber, Sommer Ray
Social Media Influencer and Youtuber, Sommer Ray

Afterward, she debuted on Youtube with her channel in January 2017 and has almost two million subscribers today. Furthermore, she is a member of the Youtube group CloutGang, which was formed opposite to Jake Paul’s Team 10, with members like Rice Gum, Faze Banks and Alissa Violet.

Her fame gained her opportunities in television, such as Wild’ N Out on MTV, Nuclear Family, and King Bachelor’s Pad. Additionally, Ray posts content on TikTok to her 12 million followers. Much like the rest of her social media, she showcases her fit figure and usually dances to whatever trend is currently going on. Each clip she posts usually gains at least two million views, sometimes even reaching 26 million. Sommer Ray Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Net Worth

The Instagram star has multiple sources of income. One of her biggest earnings is SommerRayShop which sells activewear for men and women.

Additionally, she is also the founder of Imarais Beauty which offers plant-based skincare gummy bears. Ray also sells an e-book called “Sommer Booty Challenge,” which is a compilation of her favorite workouts and meals which costs $49.99

Moreover, she has deals with companies such as Myokore, Fashion Nova, Tsū, LIKE VIDEO, and Sophia Hodes. Finally, she launched Evolve Fitness. It is a mobile app for health and wellness as well as exercise.

Undoubtedly, Ray earns a lot from her social media posts, given her millions of followers. Sources claim that she earns up to $20 thousand for every TikTok and a staggering $70 thousand for sponsored Instagram posts. Thus, sources estimate that Instagram star’s net worth is $8 million.


Sommer Ray’s parents were fitness freaks and models during their time. Shannon Ray, Sommer’s mother, was born on the 21st of August, 1964, and was a wellness model. Additionally, she often appeared in Sommer’s Vines on workout sessions and has a large following with over 700 thousand followers on Instagram. Interestingly, fans dubbed her the “hottest mom in the world.”

Sommer Ray with her mother, Shannon Ray
Sommer Ray with her mother, Shannon Ray

Her father was a weightlifter and bodybuilder. In fact, Sommer began working out with him when she was 15 years old. However, his name is not known. Interestingly, many outlets reported that her father died in 2015, but this is false. Mr. Ray is still alive and appeared in a workout video with Sommer in 2019.

Regarding Sommer’s ethnicity, her mother was Czechoslovakian. However, for her father, he was adopted by his parents, so his exact ancestry is unknown.

Sister Skylyn Beauty

Sommer’s younger sister, Skylyn Beauty, is active on social media and has a significant following of over 325 thousand followers. Additionally, she was born on February 19, 1998, and is the twin of brother Bronson. You can usually find posts of nature, the wilderness, and animals on her Instagram page. Moreover, she runs the page @callofthewolfdogs, which features wild dogs around Colorado.

Moreover, Skylyn has an Only Fans account where she regularly posts.

Sommer Ray's sister, Skylyn Ray Beaty
Sommer Ray’s sister, Skylyn Ray Beaty

Sister Savana Ray

Savana is the oldest child among the Ray children and Sommer’s older sister. Moreover, Savana was born on April 30, 1990, and has nearly 150 thousand followers on Instagram. Furthermore, she is a photographer and model. Indeed, she takes creative pictures in unique costumes, such as a female knight and a witch in a forest or woods setting.

You may be interested to know Savana is a gamer. Indeed, she is on Twitch, a live streaming service, and the latest video game she played is Immortals Fenyx Rising. Additionally, she has a Discord server for fans as well.

Sommer Ray's sister, Savana Ray
Sommer Ray’s sister, Savana Ray

Brother Bronson Ray

Bronson Ray is the second half twin of Skylyn Ray and thus was also born on February 19, 1998. In contrast to his high-profile sisters, Bronson keeps out of social media and lives a private life. Therefore, there is not much information on what he is up to nowadays.

Sommer Ray's brother Bronson
Sommer Ray’s brother Bronson Ray

Sommer Ray Boyfriend 2022: Dating Cole Bennet

Many fans are wondering who Sommer Ray is dating in 2022. The answer to that is a Los Angeles-based videographer and business executive by the name of Cole Bennet.

Indeed, they have all but confirmed their relationship. They were first romantically linked when they posted their pictures from a photo booth, and one of them was of them sharing a kiss. At that point, fans thought they were a couple, and their social media activity after that seems to prove this rumor.

Sommer Ray and her current boyfriend, Cole Bennett
Sommer Ray and her current boyfriend, Cole Bennett

Moreover, they often make TikTok videos together. Although Ray isn’t thinking of starting a family anytime soon, she already knows what she will name her children. Indeed, she will have three children, all with names after the three summer months; two daughters named June and July, followed by a boy named August.

Her Ex-Boyfriends and Dating life.

Sommer Ray has had a full and adventurous love life with many previous partners. Of course, one of her most famous relationships was with Colson Baker, more commonly known as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

Sommer Ray with her ex-boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly
Sommer Ray with her ex-boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly

The couple was first seen together outside around early 2020. Additionally, Sommer’s father disapproved of MGK as a partner going into the relationship. Indeed, they wound up breaking up in April of the same year. Apparently, MGK cheated on Ray with Megan Fox while they were on set in Puerto Rico. According to Ray, MGK made her out to be a bad person on social media, and she received death threats from his fans.

Before this, Ray was in a relationship with Bennett Sipes, who is an executive assistant, sometime around 2018. Indeed, they lived together, but their relationship ended shortly after. Additionally, she previously dated Max Ehrich, who starred in Under the Dome. The media often saw them appear in public together.

In 2017, there were rumors that Sommer Ray was in a relationship with Bryan Le, more commonly known as RiceGum. Both of them belong to the Youtube collective CloutGang. However, when the media asked Ray about RiceGum, she said they were not dating. On the other hand, RiceGum released a video later in 2020 identifying Ray as his ex-girlfriend.

Sommer Ray with his ex-boyfriend, Bryan Le
Sommer Ray with his ex-boyfriend, Bryan Le

Her on and off relationship with Tayler Holder, who is a social media personality, was high profile. However, when they broke up, Ray accused Holder of cheating. Holder posted a Youtube video later denying that he cheated on Ray and said he never unfollowed her, instead he was blocked multiple times. Shortly after this relationship, Ray was romantically linked with Faze Jarvis. However, they broke up and still have an amicable relationship. Ray appeared in his videos in the future.

Sommer Ray with his ex-boyfriend, Tayler Holder
Sommer Ray with his ex-boyfriend, Tayler Holder

Interestingly, there were rumors that Sommer Ray was in a relationship with Justina Valentine after they kissed on Wild’ N Out series. This led fans to think they were dating and that Ray was gay. However, they were not dating and Ray is straight.

Sommer Ray with her rumored girlfriend, Justina Valentine
Sommer Ray with her rumored girlfriend, Justina Valentine

Sommer Ray Wikipedia Info

Full Name Sommer Ray
Date of Birth September 15, 1996
Profession Social Media Influencer and Youtuber
Place of Birth Larkspur, Colorado, United States of America
Age (2022) 26 years
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner Cole Benett
Children No children
Net worth $8 million

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