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Bob Menery is an American sportscaster, podcast host, social media personality, and comedian known as the man with the ‘golden voice’. Bob rose from obscurity to an internet sensation overnight when his friend David Justin recorded him performing a faux sportscasting routine on the set of a friend’s music video. The video went viral and paved the way for Bob, who now hosts the Fullsend Podcast.’ The paragraphs below contain details about Bob Menery’s Wikipedia including net worth, and girlfriend.

Bob Menery Age

Bob Menery is currently 34 years old and is bound to turn 35 in a little over 4 months. He was born on June 10th, 1987.

Bob Menery Wikipedia Bio.

Bob Menery was born in Lawrence city, Massachusetts. His dad, Mark Menery was an insurance salesman, while his Mother Patty Menery was a housewife. Furthermore, he had two siblings Heather and mark Menery. The Menery family moved to North Andover while Bob was still young, and he attended St. Michael’s catholic.

Menery was a self-confessed class clown in elementary school and did not focus on his grades enough. Bob went on to join North Andover High School where he developed a love for sports and comedic sportscasting, which impressed his peers.

After completing high school, he enrolled in the New York film academy to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Things didn’t go as planned for Bob in New York; he could not land any acting gigs as a comedic actor no matter how hard he tried.

He fell on hard times and decided to move back to Boston to get his life back together and spent his free time sportscasting for his friends in his living room. His friends really enjoyed his commentary and encouraged him to pursue a career in sportscasting.

Menery moved to Los Angeles and began working as a caddy at the Wilshire country club while building up his network, with the hopes of making the right connection that would eventually land him his dream job in the entertainment sector.

Opportunities were scarce and far in between. With little to show for his time in Los Angeles, Bob once again fell on hard times and opted to move back to Boston. Bob Menery Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

An American sportscaster, podcast host, Bob Menery
An American sportscaster, podcast host, Bob Menery

Net Worth

Bob Menery’s net worth rests at a healthy $500,000. He has put together this impressive bank account from his career as a sportscaster.

Moreover, he has also boosted his earnings through making appearances at events for a fee as well as through sponsored Instagram posts that are broadcasted to his over 3 million followers.

Bob Menery networth and income sources

The tables turned for Menery when his friend David Justin recorded him performing a faux sportscasting routine on the set of a mutual friend’s music video.

The short video went viral and amassed over 130K likes in a short period of time. Bob began receiving media attention and gained social media clout overnight. Soon thereafter he signed a manager his manager who booked him auditions with a popular wings chain.

He was recruited after his first audition and committed to a 3-year deal as the voice-over spokesman for the organization. He went on to host two top-rated podcasts, ‘Ripper Magoo’s and ‘Zapped’.

In August 2021 Bob launched the ‘Fullsend Podcast’ that he hosts alongside Kyle Foregard of the Nelk Boys which amassed over 15 million views in 4 weeks.

Furthermore, Menery co-owns the Zappers a Fan Controlled Football league team, and frequently sponsors NASCAR racing teams.

Bob Menery is Dating a Girlfriendnamed “Kate Kearney”

Bob Menery has been in a relationship with current girlfriend Kate Kearney since 2019. Kate, 32, is a prominent American model, a golfer, and a social media influencer.

The former Miss Missouri is the daughter of former NFL star Timothy Kearney. Furthermore she graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in journalism and works as a Luxury Travel and Golf Editor covering the most exquisite golf courses and resorts in America.

Bob Menery with his girlfriend, Kate Kearney
Bob Menery with his current girlfriend, Kate Kearney

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