Lynette Nusbacher’s Son, Wife Melanie Bright, Wikipedia Bio.

Lynette rose to fame after becoming the show consultant of a reality show. She is now a transgender icon who shares her knowledge about history and war. Moreover, she also gained attention after transitioning from a man to a woman. After deciding to live her life as a woman, people are curious whether or not Lynette has a wife and a son.

This write-up will help you know the scoop about Lynette’s Wikipedia biography and her wife, Melanie Bright. Find out as well if she has a son.

Lynette Nusbacher Wikipedia

  • Early Life and Age

Lynette is a famous historian and author. She is also an expert in Military Affairs.

She was born on December 17th, 1966. The author is now 55 years old. Moreover, she hails proudly from New York City. Furthermore, she was born Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher before changing it to Lynette. The author then came out and lived as a woman since the year 2007.

Lynette majored in both history and economics from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, she continued with her master’s and took up War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada.

  • Parents

Lynette was born to parents Kelly and Wayne Maines. Moreover, both of the author’s parents are Jewish. Unfortunately, details about her parents are unavailable. The consultant does not usually talk about her personal life that much.

  • Career

The 55-year-old author started as a university official after the University of Toronto offered her the position. However, she quit her job to take her master’s degree. Moreover, after finishing her master’s degree, she started working at consultancy firms.

Lynette was into world history, which is why she went to the University of Oxford and did a Ph.D. Program in Modern History two years later. Furthermore, after finishing her studies, she attended other courses to develop her knowledge further.

Lynette also went to the British National School of Government and attended a Leadership course. Furthermore, she enrolled at Cranfield University and joined in a Defense Strategic Leadership program.

Famous historian and author, Lynette Nusbacher
The famous historian and author, Lynette Nusbacher

Additionally, the author also worked for the Canadian Armed Forces. She took up the position of Logistics Officer. She was also a teacher. The author also appears in different history and education shows, including Time Commanders, Battlefield Detectives, and even Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Moreover, she also worked as a war studies consultant and is also part of the United Kingdom’s cabinet office.

The author built Nusbacher & Associates, which is her own company. The consultant’s company is focused on researching war strategies and soldiers’ equipment.

Moreover, the author writes blog entries as well. She has two blogging accounts. Furthermore, one account is more on the topic of war. Meanwhile, the other one is meant for her daily journal writings about her life.

Aside from being a consultant and a teacher, she is also a successful author. One of her books is War and Conflict.

Married to wife Melanie Bright since 1998.

Lynette was formerly married to Melanie Bright. She and Melanie met while at the Royal Military College.

The college sweethearts then got married on June 7, 1998. Unfortunately, the author and Melanie separated and divorced in 2010 after being married for 12 years.

Details about why they separated are unknown.

Lynette Nusbacher's wife, Melanie Bright
Melanie Bright and Lynette Nusbacher are separated

Who is Lynette Nusbacher’s Son?

Lynette has two kids with her ex-wife Melanie Bright. Moreover, she has a son with Melanie. Unfortunately, their son’s name is not known to the public.

Moreover, their daughter is named Abby. Just like her brother, details about her are unavailable as well.

It seems like Lynette and Bright plan to keep their children away from the public’s eye. People can’t blame them for their decisions because that’s what protective parents would do.


The consultant has a standard American accent. Although she is now living in England, her American accent is still evident when she speaks.

Moreover, there are no discussions available about her accent. What’s also noticeable is her voice. People pointed out that she has a deeper voice, but that did not stop her from mentioning facts.

Lynette Nusbacher Wikipedia Table

Full Name Lynette Nusbacher
Date of Birth December 17, 1966
Profession Historian, Consultant, Author, and Lecturer
Age (2022) 55 years old
Relationship Single
Parents Wayne Maines and Kelly Maines

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