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The Puerto Rican obesity and metabolism specialist, Frank Suarez, was the author of the popular book El Poder del Metabolismo or The Power of your Metabolism. Moreover, Suarez is well-recognized among the Spanish community and helped with lowering the obesity rates around his area with his program NaturalSlim. Additionally, his Youtube channel called MetabolismoTV has over 5 million subscribers.

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 Frank Suarez Wikipedia.

Suarez was born sometime in 1950. However, the exact day and month are not known. Additionally, he is from Puerto Rico, USA, and was there for most of his career. Additionally, Suarez took up Business Administration at the University of Puerto Rico. Afterward, he worked at his father’s company, Suarez Toy House, as a Vice-President.

Surprisingly, Suarez suffered from obesity issues and prediabetes in his childhood. Indeed, his condition led him to take an interest in these areas of health. Furthermore, his health problems made him want to learn more about these types of health issues. As a result, he did a lot of research on these subjects and wrote many books.

His first book, El Poder del Metabolismo was released in 2006 and was awarded with “Best Health Book” by the International Latino Book Awards. Then, followed by El Derecho a la Sexualidad Masculina (2010), Diabetes Sin Problemas (2014), Recetas El Poder del Metabolismo (2017), and Metabolismo Ultra Poderoso (2018).

Health researcher, author, and Youtuber, Frank Suarez
Health researcher, author, and Youtuber, Frank Suarez

Many of his books were given multiple awards because they were good for the community. Indeed, his work has been well-received by the Spanish-speaking community, and he is respected in Puerto Rico.

What Happened to Frank Suarez?

At the time, Coahuila had many obese people. He worked with the State of Coahuila to set up a public health program to help control obesity in the state.

Unfortunately, Suarez died on February 25, 2021, at 71 years old, after falling from the ninth floor. Furthermore, the sources say that his body was found in his condominium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Moreover, the police investigation reported his death as a suicide.

Before his death, Suarez was about to publish a new book on natural cancer treatments. Interestingly, there were three other suicides within a few days. Additionally, his official Wikipedia page is deleted.

Frank Suarez Net Worth

It’s not just his job as a health researcher and author that Suarez makes money from. Suarez also had other jobs. In 1998, Suarez came up with the NaturalSlim program, which is a way for people to change their lifestyle and eat better to improve their metabolism.

Additionally, a natural supplement and a new way of thinking about food and eating are used in this method.

Frank Suarez networth and income sources
Frank Suarez has a net worth of $8 million

Suarez also had a YouTube channel called that has more than 5 million subscribers and 20 million people who watch it every month. Most people know him because of the educational videos that he makes for YouTube. Furthermore, in 2018, Suarez started the Universidad del Metabolismo, better known as UNIMETAB, where he talked about a wide range of topics that can be found online.

Between all his different sources of income, Frank Suarez had an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Wife and Kids

In fact, Frank Suarez has had a wife, and they have children together. However, their names and identities are unknown. In addition, Frank’s wife told the authorities that he was depressed and was taking anti-depression pills.

Frank Suarez Wikipedia

Full Name Frank Suarez
Date of Birth 1950
Profession Health researcher, author, Youtuber
Place of Birth Puerto Rico
Age (2022) 71 (deceased)
Relationship Status Married
Children Yes
Net worth $8 million

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