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Kevin Roshon Samuels is an American image dating expert, image consultant, YouTuber, social media influencer, and life coach. As you can tell, he loves to interact within the entertainment industry. Here’s Kevin Samuels Wikipedia type biography.

Other than that, he is also a motivational speaker who specializes in both companies and people at large. One can never seem to miss him at any event as he has a wide, sleek mode of dressing with a high sense of fashion.

He is 6 feet 2 inches, making him 188cm tall, and is approximately 65kgs. Let us now dig deeper into Kevin’s biography to know his net worth, wife, and gay rumors.

How old is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels was born on the 13th of March 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Pisces. The 56-year-old, soon to become 57 in a few weeks, was also raised in the same town for a few years until they relocated to Oklahoma.

Kevin Samuels Wikipedia

Kevin grew up for most of his years with his mother, as it is alleged that his parents got divorced when he was young.

He spent most of his time with his mother compared to his father. No information has been availed on his parents’ names. Looking at his family, there has been no mention of whether he has any siblings, and therefore it is assumed that he is a sole child.

Kevin is a full Christian with an American nationality. He and his family moved to Oklahoma, where he graduated from Millwood High School.

Shortly after, he went to study at the University of Oklahoma, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Soon after graduation, he started working with firms and organizations as their consultants and business manager.

An American image dating expert, Kevin Samuels
An American image dating expert, Kevin Samuels

For instance, he worked with Office Depot for approximately three and a half years as a manager. His personality came in very handy wherever he worked, as people found it much easier to work and relate with him.

This aspect of him was well utilized at Supermedia in 2009 and The Real Yellow Pages in 2013, where he did some work in the advertisement as a sales agent.

Kevin then went ahead and made a YouTube channel on 20th May 2015, where he gave commentaries on fashion, business companies, and even social events. Although, his YouTube career officially began in 2016. Kevin Samuels Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Rise as a Fashion Designer and a Dating Influencer

Using his social media platform and YouTube channel, Kevin likes to discuss matters such as relationships, fragrance companies, fashion status, and the development of companies.

He has worked side by side with various brands and companies. He even has his showroom, Life & Style, by Kevin Samuels, which he uses to assist companies and individuals in rebranding themselves.

Kevin Samuels uses his Instagram account to promote various products and fashion brands with a current following of 1.1 million people. He also uses this platform to give dating advice, particularly to the black community(ladies).

Similarly, his YouTube channel contains content of relationship advice and currently has 1.32 million subscribers. Some of his advice has been published by Timeka Wills in the book Kevin Samuels Dating Advice to Women: The Things You Need to Know- From Woman’s Perspective.

However, not everyone agrees to everything he stands for; for example, it was once laid out that he was attacking African American women through his posts by objectifying them and luring men to believe his opinions.

One of his famous feuds is between him and Dr. Umar Johnson, a Black thoughts leader.

Fashion designer and a dating influencer, Kevin Samuels
Fashion designer and a dating influencer, Kevin Samuels

Dr. Umar does not sit right with Kevin’s way of attacking Black women and calls him out for it. Kevin has mostly acquired fame through controversial critiques, which led to rising criticism by some and a stronger attachment by others.

The major event that led to the rise of Kevin’s path to fashion design was when an Attorney General sought his assistance on her wardrobe before her interview with a governor.

Kevin disclosed this during an interview in 2016 with Undercover Oklahoma. Since then, he grew fond of the fashion industry and decided to monetize his services as a business.

Net Worth

Kevin has built his bank account from working with different brands, offering consultation services to companies, and through his content on his YouTube channel.

His showroom is also a major source of his income. Currently, Kevin Samuel’s net worth sits at $3 million. This mostly comes from an annual income of approximately $500K.

Kevin Samuels networth and incomes
Kevin Samuels net worth is estimated at $3 million

Is Kevin Samuels Gay?

In 2021, there were a lot of questions on whether Kevin was gay. This was based on the way he always attacked women on his platforms and a video of a man sleeping in his bed.

He declined these claims by saying that the man in the bed was just a troll and that he had accidentally pressed the wrong key during his live stream. He also blamed the LGBTQ community for accusing him of allegedly being gay.

Is Kevin Samuels Married to Wife?

Currently, Kevin Samuels is not married, but it is alleged that he was married to two women in the past. The first marriage is alleged to have lasted for one year while the second one for 3 years. He has divorced both of these women.

Kevin Samuels ex-wife

It is alleged that Kevin divorced his ex-wife on 4th March 2005 after disclosure of divorce court papers with his name as one of the parties involved. It was noted that they had married each other on the 15th of September 2002 in Oklahoma.

Kevin Samuels relationship and kids
Kevin Samuels had a daughter, K Samuels


Based on the information sought from the divorce papers, it is alleged that Kevin had a daughter, K Samuels, borne to him by his ex-wife on the 29th of June in 2000. Not much information is given on this.

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