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Kevin Mimms is already a rising star in the United States. The 31-year old actor has been getting audiences ever since his presence in movies Lap Dance (2014), Innocent (2010), and SWAT (2017). He was once a cast in a TV series Criminal Mind in an episode called ‘rusty.’ His passion for acting during his childhood days ever since his father encouraged him to do theater and acting.

Please continue to read more details about Kevin Mimms’ Net Worth, Age, Movies, and Wikipedia. Famous in the portrayal of Lap Dance in 2014.

Kevin Mimms Wikipedia and Biography

On July 5, 1990, Kevin Mimms was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was known for being passionate about his dreams, especially acting, modeling, and shooting. As a child, his parents liked him for being cheery. Years later, his family experienced poverty. Once they were trying to live in a car, the actor recollected and struggled financially.

But through the hard work and determination of his parents, they were able to let Kevin finish high school and college. He attended the Chicago Academy for Arts to study theatre, then years later moved to LA to continue his degree in Fine Arts at Webster University.

During college, he was known for being a DJ. At that time, he used to be Kevin Mimms. His current last name is his nickname that his schoolmates used to call him at university; his real name is Kevin Miles. This name brought him fame. He told in one interview that his name is a lucky possession that he has.

Even if he’s far away from his hometown, he couldn’t deny that he missed Chicago. As he almost finished his college degree, he did not continue pursuing his DJ career and focused more on modeling, commercials, and acting.

Famous rising star, Kevin Mimms
Famous rising star, Kevin Mimms

One of his first roles in theater is to portray one of the characters in Romeo and Juliet. His role as Lord Capulet became the starting point of his career in the entertainment industry.

His dance career also helped him gain more attention in the modeling world. It gave him great shape and contracts to different brands like Coors Light, 5 Hour Energy, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, T-mobile, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Taco Bell, and Bose.

In the show business, he got into particular roles in several movies like Innocent (2010), SWAT (2017), and Lap Dance (2014). Mimm got into a few cameos in one episode of Criminal Mind entitled ‘Rusty.’

His acting career is slowly getting to its peak. Still, most of his recognition came from commercials, specifically the recent Super Bowl commercial of State Farm. He acted as Jake, and many have known him since then.

Kevin Mimms’s Age 

Kevin was born on July 5, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. He is now 31years old. Details about his parents are still unknown.

Kevin Mimms’s Net Worth

The 31-year-old commercial star and model has an estimated net worth of around USD 2 million. Most of his net worth came from his modeling contracts, acting career for Lap Dance (2014), Innocent (2010), SWAT (2017), and Criminal minds (2019). Several reports also estimate his annual salary is about $ 85 000.

He also has commercials from high-end brands like Coors Light, 5 Hour Energy, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, T-mobile, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Taco Bell, and Bose. He also gets additional income for being a social media influencer on Instagram.

Kevin Mimms networth and income sources
Kevin Mimms’s net worth is about $ 85 000

Movies & TV Shows

Kevin Mimm’s versatile character reaches different heights. Directors are surprised at how he can portray other characters with various personalities. It allowed him to get exposed to the film industry.

The 28-year-old began his acting career at a young age (unspecified) in a theater in Chicago. Since then, he continued his acting career and landed jobs.

He is famous in the movies SWAT (2017), Criminal minds (2019), Lap Dance (2014), and Innocent (2010). Kevin is present in many commercials, and one of his recent commercials that heightened his popularity is for a State Farm commercial.

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