Jessica Alba Husband Cash Warren Parents: Net Worth, Wikipedia: Age

The fantastic Jessica Alba deserves a fantastic husband, and she has Cash Warren. The married soulmates had a romantic movie-like start as they met while working. This is Cash Warren’s Wikipedia-type biography.

Now, the couple is raising three beautiful children and is keeping their love alive by showing their affection and support for each other. Moreover, Cash and Jessica showed that not all show business relationships end tragically.

Who is the lucky guy that caught the actress’ heart? Read more here to find out about Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren. Also, get the scoop about Cash Warren’s parents, how much he earns, and his age.

Cash Warren Age

Cash Warren was born on 10 January, in the year 1979. Moreover, the producer is 43 years of age as of the moment.

Warren is famous for being Fantastic Four heroine Jessica Alba’s fantastic husband. Furthermore, the celebrity and the production assistant never thought that the Fantastic Four set would spark the beginning of their love story.

Jessica Alba Husband Cash Warren Love Life

Jessica and her spouse Cash Warren met during the filming of Fantastic Four. Cash Warren was the director’s assistant. In an interview, Jessica revealed that she knew she would know Cash forever. The actress said,

“It was weird; he instantly felt like family. It was so easy. I’d never felt like that with anyone.”.

Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren
Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, production assistant of Fantastic Four

Finally, the two started dating in 2004. Additionally, the A-list actress revealed they started as friends since she was in a relationship with a different person back then.

The pair finally got engaged back in December 2007. Moreover, Jessica and her partner, Cash, became husband and wife in May 2008. The couple described their wedding as “laughably awkward.”

Some would expect that a celebrity’s wedding would be extravagant. However, Jessica and Cash got married in a courthouse. According to Jessica’s husband, he and his then-girlfriend decided to jump out of bed and get dressed. They then went to a courthouse and got married.

There were no guests during the wedding; it was just the groom and the bride.

Moreover, Jessica Alba revealed how she and her husband would go out for a date to keep their love burning.

The actress also shared how Cash supports her all the way. According to the celebrity, her husband would encourage her by saying,

“You can do this; I believe in you.”

Furthermore, Jessica and her husband Cash Warren always make sure to spend time with each other. They would have dinner together and catch up on their everyday lives.

Additionally, Cash and Jessica also make sure to communicate properly with each other. The actress said it was better to communicate and solve the problem than to let it worsen.

Jessica Alba with her husband, Cash and children
Jessica Alba with her husband, Cash Warren, and children

Cash Warren Net Worth

Cash Warren graced the entertainment industry as a production assistant. Moreover, the producer kick-started his career by being a production assistant for the film Taxi. Furthermore, they also produced big hit movies and series like Modern Family, Fantastic Four, Rising Son, and more.

Warren has been part of the film industry for many years now. Furthermore, he proves to be one of the entertainment world’s top producers.

Aside from being a producer, Cash is also an entrepreneur. He is the president of Verso Entertainment, an entertainment company he co-founded with his friend. Additionally, the producer also co-founded the online business Pair of Thieves. He co-founded the business with Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg.

In addition, the online business focuses on selling luxury underwear and socks.

Cash Warren with his business partners, Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg
Cash Warren with his business partners, Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg

With all of Cash Warren’s income sources, his net worth estimate is about $50 million. Moreover, his net worth will still increase in the future with his high-end businesses and career as a film producer.


Cash Warren comes from a family of entertainers. His father, Michael Warren, was an actor. Consequently, he has been in many movies and TV series.

Cash Warren and his father, Michael Warren
Cash Warren and his father, Michael Warren

Meanwhile, his mother, Sue Narramore, lives in France, so Cash often visits France. Unfortunately, Sue Narramore’s profession is unknown.

Sue and Michael’s marriage did not last for a lifetime. The couple divorced, and Sue raised her children on her own. Meanwhile, Michael Warren is married to a woman named Jenny Palacios.

Cash Warren's mother, Sue Narramore
Cash Warren’s mother, Sue Narramore

Cash Warren Wikipedia

Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Siblings Kekoa Brianna Warren, Makayla Andres, and Grayson Andres
Ethnicity African-American and Caucasian
High School Crossroads High School 1993-1997
College Yale University. Bachelor’s degree in political science 1997-2001
Children Honor Marie Warren, Haven Garner Warren, and Hayes Warren
Parents Michael Warren and Sue Narramore
Height (inches) 6 feet
Height (meters) 1.83 meters
Weight (kilograms) 85 Kg
Body Measurements 42-32-37
Net Worth $50 Million
Age 43 years old (2022)

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