DC Young Fly Wikipedia: Net Worth, Wife/Girlfriend, Kids

Like a DC superhero, DC Young Fly continues to make life better for his family and supporters. The Wild’ N Out member has a lavish lifestyle now. However, it wasn’t always the case with him. Does he have any children?

Get to learn more about DC Young FLy’s Wikipedia, net worth, family, and love life here.

DC Young Fly Age

On the 2nd of May, 1992, John Richard Whitfield came to the world. Nowadays, he goes by the name DC Young Fly. The musician is currently 29 years old and already a successful person at his age.

Nationality & Ethnicity

The actor-musician was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Therefore he is American by nationality. Regarding his ethnicity, he comes from both Black and Caucasian genes. Thus, he is African-American by descent.

How tall is DC Young Fly?

The young and fly rapper stands at 180cm or around 5 feet and 11 inches.

Compared to his fellow 85 South Show podcasters, he is considerably taller. The difference is noticeable with Chico Bean having a height of 5’9″ and Karlous Miller at 5’10”.

Dc Young Fly body measurements
Dc Young Fly’s height is 5 feet and 11 inches

DC Young Fly Wikipedia

John Richard Whitfield is born to parents Solomon and Betty Whitfield. Moreover, he is the youngest of seven children. The family spent most of their life in the town of Adamsville in Atlanta, Georgia.

Even as a child, DC was already into performing and entertaining people. He was showing off his singing skills in a choir. Moreover, he was dubbed as a class clown at school.

As he grew up in a city full of crimes, he became involved in crimes himself and even got arrested as a teen. Moreover, his parents got divorced when he was just 14. However, after tragedies came to his life, he decided to change.

In 2011, his brother Richie Whitfield aka Da Crew, was murdered. He has a DC tattoo between his eyebrows in honor of him. Moreover, his name DC is an acronym for his brother’s name. Additionally, his name is also based on his favorite comics. A few years later, his father sadly passed away due to Alzheimer’s.

For his education, DC went to Benjamin E. Mays High School. For college, he attended Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus. Unfortunately, there are no sources that revealed the course he took.

Internet personality and rapper, Dc Young Fly
Internet personality and rapper, Dc Young Fly

DC Young Fly Wikipedia is yet to establish.

DC Young Fly’s Rise to Fame

Before joining Wild ‘n Out, DC made videos out of fun. In 2013, he started posting ‘roasting session’ videos in the now discontinued site vine. His skits and roast fests earned him quite a fanbase.

After moving to Instagram, his followers supported him there too. Moreover, his unique sense of humor of roasting celebrities even got the attention of Kevin Hart and LeBron James. Additionally, DC Young roasted them as well. Therefore, they replied to him in the same way as a funny interaction. DC shared those exchanges in his stories.

Nick Cannon saw his potential and invited him to star on one of his shows. Thus by 2015, he became part of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. He even got the title “Rookie of the Year” during his first season.

In the same year, he co-hosted the comedy podcast 85 South Show with a fellow comedian, Karlous Miller. The podcast eventually evolved into a live comedy show. By then, Chico Bean replaced Clayton English as co-host to DC Young.

Around 2016, the comedian made his acting debut in the comedy film “Almost Christmas.” He has since appeared in a couple of movies and series playing minor roles

. A few of the films he starred in are Dead House, How High 2, and Envy: Seven Deadly Sins. He even acted alongside Nick Cannon in the movie ‘She Ball.’ However, his most iconic role is being the lead actor for #DigitalLivesMatter.

Aside from acting, the comedian has also released a few songs like 24Hrs, Good Thang, and She Bad. You can check them out on his channel: Dc Young Fly.

DC Young Fly's Rise to Fame
A famous rapper, DC Young Fly

As a singer, he did some touring alongside Chris Brown as his opening act in 2017. He also was the opening for Eric Bellinger‘s Cuffing Season Tour. Furthermore, he released a mixtape in 2018.

Alongside all the success he’s earned from acting to being a musician, he also opened a business to sell merchandise. His hosting skill is also top-notch! He even got to host the 2019 BET Awards.

DC Young Fly Wife-To-Be: Jacky Oh and Their Love Life

DC and his future wife, Jacky have known each other since 2015 due to Wild’ n Out. Moreover, their first meeting was in the hotel lobby where the show was filmed.

According to DC’s partner, there were no immediate sparks, but she liked him. Although it wasn’t love at first sight, they did develop a good friendship. Moreover, the two had good chemistry together, and DC Young’s funny charm finally got to Jacky.

After the series ended, the pair immediately started dating. Moreover, during the couple’s whole relationship, they never fail to shower each other with love. Jacky mentions ‘communication‘ as the sole reason for their stable relationship.

Dc Young Fly wife to be girlfriend, Jacky Oh
Dc Young Fly with his wife to be girlfriend, Jacky Oh

Many have assumed that they are ready to tie the knot. But apparently, the two are taking their time. As Jacky said in an interview,

“You know if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We’re fine, we’re chilling, we’re both young and just enjoying ourselves, our baby, our little family.”

The pair currently lives in Los Angeles along with their kids.

Dc Young Fly’s future Wife Jacky Oh Ethnicity, Net Worth, Age, Bio

Instagram star Ms. Jacky Oh is famous for being the girlfriend of DC Young Fly. Aside from being a vlogger, she is also an actress, model, TV star, and entrepreneur. After being cast in Wild’ n Out, more people came to know her.

She was born on the 3rd of November, 1990. Therefore she is 31 years old, a couple of years older than DC Young. Moreover, Jacky grew up in Oakland, California.

However, she is of mixed ethnicity, with her father being African and her mother Brazilian. But she identifies herself as more black because of how she was raised by her dad alone. Aside from their ethnic backgrounds, not much is known about her family.

Not much information is found on her education as well. However, she did attend the University of California in Berkeley. Moreover, her nickname Ms. Jacky Oh is credited to her friend in college. Therefore we can confirm that ‘Oh’ is not her last name.


As an actress, she has appeared in films like Del Playa (2017) and Switched at Love (2021). However, she’s more known on television for being part of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out.

Aside from acting and hosting, she’s a famous social media star, most active on her Instagram @msjackyoh and YouTube channel “msjackyoh.” She has a large following with 700k+ on YouTube and 800k+ on Insta. In addition, Jacky made her channel during her pregnancy in 2019.

Dc Young fly's girlfriend, Jacky Oh
MTV’s Wild ‘n Out actress, Jacky Oh

Jacky’s makeup style has caught her fans’ attention. Moreover, her on-point looks left fans asking for tips. Thus, she saw it as an opportunity and created a business out of it. Therefore, in 2019, she opened a lip gloss and makeup line called J Nova Collection. Of course, it’s sweetly named after her daughter. You can find more of it on her website, jnovacollection.com.

Unlike her boyfriend, she isn’t quite a millionaire yet. Her net worth is around $191,000. But undeniably, it’ll increase as time goes by, especially with her popularity.


The internet star and his girlfriend, Ms. Jacky Oh, have two kids. Their eldest daughter, Nova Whitfield, was born in October 2016. Furthermore, the little girl is called the first Wild ‘n Out baby.

Nala Whitfield is the couple’s youngest and was born last August 2020. Jacky announced both pregnancies on her Instagram account.

Dc Young Fly with his girlfriend, Jacky Oh and children
Dc Young Fly with his girlfriend, Jacky Oh, and children

The couple enjoys sharing pictures of their children on social media. Why not visit Jacky’s account to get a glimpse of the adorable little girls.

Net Worth

Since his fame as an Internet Comedian, he has gained more income. Moreover, most of his earnings come from being an actor, a host, and a musician. He also earns from selling shirts and merchandise of his music and tour. Therefore, the rapper slash comedian has accumulated a net worth of around $3 million.

House & Cars

With millions as net worth, it’s unlikely that DC Young doesn’t own a few cars and houses. Consequently, he owns a home in Los Angeles but doesn’t reveal any details. Moreover, he has a few Mercedes-Benz and a 4-wheel SUV.

Dc Young Fly with his house and cars
Dc Young Fly with his house and cars

As a good son, he gifted his mom a Mercedes Benz. Unfortunately, he was met with a few issues when some haters ruined a bunch of his cars. But he still has the money to afford a new one.

DC Young Fly Wikipedia Info

Name DC Young Fly
Full Name John Richard Whitfield
Birthdate May 2, 1992
Age (2022) 29 years old
Place of Birth Adamsville, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Parents Solomon and Betty Whitfield
Relationship Status In a Relationship with Ms Jacky Oh
Spouse N/A
Children 2 (Nova and Nala Whitfield)
Profession Internet personality, Comedian, Actor, Host, Rapper, Musician
Net Worth (2022) $3 Million

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