Erin Napier Wikipedia: Net Worth, Hair, Parents, Illness

Erin Napier is a reality TV star famously known for Home Town. She and her husband, Ben, are the hosts of the show, where they renovate and transform houses.

Erin Napier defied all odds and survived a mysterious illness that affected her for a long time. Now, she is living her life as one of the industry’s favorite home designers and hosts. Moreover, the Home Town reality star is also living her best life as a mother and wife with her adorable family. Because of her popularity, fans cannot help but wonder how much Erin Napier’s net worth is.

Are you keen to know the details too? This write-up will help you learn about Erin Napier’s Wikipedia biography. Also, get a glimpse of her net worth, hair, parents, illness, and more.

Erin Napier Wikipedia.

Erin was born on August 30th, 1985. She hails proudly from Laurel, Mississippi. Moreover, she is currently 36 years old.

The reality show celebrity graduated from the University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing. Moreover, she worked as a corporate graphic designer before establishing Lucky Luxe.

Lucky Luxe is Erin’s international stationery company. She also made her own blog site where she posts her graphic design pieces for cards.

A reality TV star, Erin Napier
A reality TV star, Erin Napier

Erin Napier Net Worth

Erin Napier runs Laurel Mercantile Co with her husband, Ben. They are also reality TV stars who have their own show Home Town where they renovate people’s houses. Because of the show’s success, Home Town Takeover, a spin-off was released.

Furthermore, Erin’s income source is being the host of Home Town. Another one of Erin’s income sources is her business with her husband. She and her husband also accept invites as keynote speakers.

With all of Erin’s income sources combined, she has a net worth estimate of about $5 million.

Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier
Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier

Erin Napier Hair

Erin Napier’s hairstyle is a side-swept blond pixie cut. However, Erin did not always have short hair. She used to have long straight hair and even sported long curly hair. Erin then decided to cut it during her senior year of high school.

Moreover, her pixie cut is inspired by her childhood hero, Drew Barrymore. The reality show star also explained how getting her hair styled makes her feel more human.

A lot of celebrities sport pixie cut hairstyles. One of them is Julie Andrews, who plays the Iconic Mary Poppins.

Another celebrity who has had a pixie cut is Charlize Theron, who plays Cypher in the fast and furious franchise. And lastly, Scarlet Johansson also rocked side-swept layers. Scarlet plays the famous Black Widow of the Avengers.

Erin Napier has side-swept blond pixie cut hairstyle
Erin Napier has a side-swept blond pixie cut hairstyle

Husband and Kids

Erin’s husband is Ben Napier. He is a woodworker and also an entrepreneur. Moreover, he graduated with a history degree. Ben has also founded Scotsman Co.

The reality stars met when they were still in college, on December 7, 2004. It turns out that Erin had a crush on Ben, who was one of the popular bunch.

The reality stars began dating, and soon after, a proposal at a bookstore followed. Ben made Erin read a book about their love story. Furthermore, Ben and Erin became husband and wife on November 22nd, 2008.

Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier and daughter, Helen
Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier, and daughter, Helen

Ben and Erin have to miracle children together. After Erin’s surgery to remove her appendix, the doctors told her it would be hard for her to have children. It was a heartbreaking moment for Erin after the doctors told her the sad news.

However, they successfully welcomed their first baby girl Helen Napier.

Helen was born on January 3rd, 2018. According to Erin, Helen was born two weeks earlier than her supposed birth date.

Moreover, the Napier family became a family of four when they welcomed Mae Napier. Mae was born on May 28, 2021. According to Erin, she named Mae after her Aunt.


Erin’s parents are Karen and Phil Rasberry. Her dad was a physical therapist while her mom did real estate. Moreover, Erin’s parents have been married for 47 years.

Erin often shows her close bond with her mom and dad on her Instagram page.

Erin Napier with her mother, Karen Rasberry
Erin Napier with her mother, Karen Rasberry


Erin Napier went through a mystery illness, and it started when she was 19. According to Erin, she would experience stomachaches for a full day. Moreover, her stomachaches also come with a fever. What makes her illness worse is that she would experience the pain for two to three days and even an entire week.

Erin explained how the pain would prevent her from standing up or moving. Furthermore, the reality show star’s illness was so mysterious her scans would come out clean whenever she consulted doctors.

When Erin went to her OBYGN, the doctor immediately requested an emergency exploratory surgery. It turns out that Erin’s doctor saw her organs fused. The reality show star consulter, another surgeon, revealed that the Home Town star suffered from a perforated appendix.

Erin underwent surgery to remove the tissues around her organs and, at the same time, remove her appendix.

Moreover, Erin Napier is doing well now after what she went through with her perforated appendix. However, the reality star also shared how she experienced mental health issues because of the trauma that the pain caused her.

Erin continues to take care of her mental health with her friends and family by her side. Moreover, family, friends, and fans continue to show their support for Erin.


Erin, Ben, and two equally adorable daughters live in a 1925 Craftsman Cottage. They also live with their two Pyrenees dogs. The Napiers’ home is a cozy two-story cottage. Moreover, their dining room’s centerpiece is Ben’s farmyard-style table. They also have a front porch where they spend time as a family.

Erin Napier Houses

One of the house’s highlights is its cozy living room. Their living room has an off-white couch with colorful pillows. Additionally, they also have spacious bookshelves packed with tons of books.

Furthermore, their house is located at a historical location in Mississippi.

Erin Napier Wikipedia Info.

Full Name Erin Napier
Date of Birth August 30, 1985
Profession Reality TV Host
Age (2022) 36 years old
Relationship Status Married
Husband Ben Napier
Children Helen Napier and Mae Napier
Net Worth $5 million

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