Grant Stinchfield Wikipedia Biography: Wife, Age, Net Worth

The Newsmax Media reporter recently caught fire for missing his own Christmas party because he wasn’t vaccinated. Grant Stinchfield also had a run in politics for a seat in the US Congress.

Are you interested to know more about Grant Stinchfield Wikipedia? Stay on this article to find out Grant Stinchfield’s wife, age, and networth in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Grant Stinchfield Age

Stinchfield was born around 1973. Unfortunately, the exact month and date are unknown, but he should presently be around 49 or 50.

Was Grant Stinchfield in the Military?

Many people online wonder if the popular broadcaster Grant Stinchfield was in the military. However, he was not in the military. His history and experiences were focused more on communications, journalism, and politics.


What are Grant Stinchfield’s history and experience in this Wikipedia? Keep reading to know more about his details. First of all, Stinchfield was interested in communications and humanities in his youth. Thus, he went to Denison University, where he studied Bachelor of Arts in Communication and graduated back in 1991.

Following this bachelor’s degree, he undertook a master’s degree in Quinnipiac University, where he studied Journalism. Furthermore, he finished the two-year course in 2003. Stinchfield also volunteers frequently in different organizations.

Here are some of the groups he has volunteered in over the years. In 2012, Stinchfield volunteered at the Conference on Crimes Against Women, where he served as a board member. As a matter of fact, he continues to serve in this organization up to the present 2022.

Furthermore, he was on the board as an advisory member at New Friends New Life, which he also started in 2012. Similar to the previous organization, he continues to serve there up to the present.

Finally, his most recent volunteer work is at the Dallas Police Reserve Officer Foundation and as a board member.

Broadcaster and host, Grant Stinchfield
Broadcaster and host, Grant Stinchfield

Using his degree from college, Stinchfield has a full career as a reporter in many different broadcast organizations over the years. One of his first positions was as a host on KECI tv. Then, this was followed by NBV, where he spent a significant portion of his career. Indeed, he worked as a host at NBC between 1998 and March 2011 for almost 13 years.

A year later, in 2012, he made a run for US Congress in District 24 and campaigned for a year. His political platform was focused on different social issues at the time, such as immigration, deficit spending, fair tax, national security, and energy policy.

Furthermore, after he ran in politics, he focused on broadcasting, where he hosted his own spot, Stinchfield Report, at 570 KLIF. In 2016, he also picked up a job as a host in NRA TV. Finally, today he is the host of Stinchfield at Newsmax Media which runs every 8 pm at ET.

Grant Stinchfield Net Worth

In addition to his work as a broadcaster and host, Stinchfield has different sources of income as a business owner and investor. Currently, he has two businesses with 17 employees split between them.

Moreover, Stinchfield likes to think of himself as a small-time capitalist involved with selling and buying good businesses.

Some businesses that he found and sold include Arborplex Tree Care, which he founded in 2010. The company sells tree trimming leads to landscaping companies. Likewise, Stinchfield says that the company grew by over 600 percent, allowing them to sell it later.

Grant Stinchfield networth and income sources
Grant Stinchfield has a net worth of $2 million.

Starting in March 2011, Stinchfield is the owner of Kwik Kar Lube & Auto Repair. As mentioned previously, Stinchfield invests in many different companies. Some of these companies include Alamo Grips, Emerge Clinical Solutions, and Mater’s Fast Tow. Additionally, he is the President of GPS LineHaul Inc.

In conclusion, all his different sources of income as a broadcaster, host, and business investor earned him a net worth of $2 million.

Grant Stinchfield’s Wife, Amy Baumiller

The Newsmax Media host is currently married to his wife, Amy Baumiller. Moreover, she is a personal chef hailing from Ohio. Indeed, Grant’s wife studied Dietetics at Bowling Green University.

Before this marriage, the reporter was married to Amy Vanderhoef, also a broadcaster and host like him. He has a son together with her named Wyatt.

Grant Stinchfield with his current wife, Amy Baumiller
Grant Stinchfield with his current wife, Amy Baumiller

Grant Stinchfield Wikipedia

Full Name Grant Stinchfield
Date of Birth 1973
Profession Broadcaster, Host, Investor
Place of Birth Irving, Texas
Age (2022) 49 or 50
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Amy Baumiller
Children Wyatt (with Amy Vanderhoef)
Net worth $2 million

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