David Muir Wikipedia: Gay, Net Worth, Married, Wife/Partner

David Muir set the standards high when it comes to the newscasting industry. The news anchor has become the face of ABC news which made him gain many followers worldwide. Because of his popularity, fans cannot help but be curious about David Muir Wikipedia biography.

Keen to get to know David Muir too? Read this write-up to get the scoop of David Muir’s biography. Also, read more to know about the anchor’s gay rumors, net worth, and whether or not he has a wife or a partner.

David Muir Wikipedia.

David Muir works as a news anchor and a journalist. Furthermore, he is ABC News’ current anchor for World News Tonight with David Muir.

David Muir was born David Jason Muir. Moreover, the journalist hails proudly from Syracuse, New York. He also lived with his family in Onandaga Hill and grew up in a Roman Catholic family.

The anchor’s interest in journalism started when he was a kid. He used to act like he was newscasting while reading school announcements. He would also role-play as a news anchor in the living room. Furthermore, David said in an interview that he wrote to local television in their area and eventually was able to be an intern when he was only 13 years old.

A news anchor and a journalist, David Muir
A news anchor and a journalist, David Muir

David Muir finished high school at Onandaga Central school. The journalist graduated in May 1995 at Ithaca College, particularly from the Park School of Communications.

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Moreover, David was their batch’s Magna Cum Laude.

In addition, Muir also went to Georgetown University and studied at the Institute on Political Journalism. And lastly, he was also able to study abroad, particularly at the University of Salamanca, in Spain.

David Muir Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Age, DOB

 David Muir was born on the 8th of November, in 1973. Moreover, the anchor is currently 48 years.

Career Progression.

The journalist officially started working as a reporter and anchor in 1995. He first joined WTVH-TV. During his time as a reporter, he traveled to different places like Jerusalem, Israel, Gaza Strip, and more. He even went to Tel Aviv.

David was awarded Best Local News Anchors by the Radio-Television News Directors Association and the Associated Press because of his stellar performance as a reporter and anchor.

David then joined WCVB television in 2000. He stayed at WCVB Television for three years and covered stories such as the 9/11 attacks.

He was able to track down the hijackers involved in the incident. Because of his dedication, the Associated Press once again applauded David. Moreover, he was also awarded the National Headliner Award and Edward R. Award.

The journalist then joined ABC News sometime in August 2003. He started as the World News Now‘s anchor before becoming World News This Morning‘s anchor.

Moreover, David Muir is not new to dangerous news coverage. The journalist was one of the people trapped in the News Orleans Superdome during Hurricane Katarina.

In addition, David Muir still covered the whole event even though he was trapped inside the center.

Furthermore, David also reported on Israel’s war against Hezbollah. He also reported from the Gaza Strip. Additionally, he covered the strongest earthquake ever to damage Peru.

David also became the anchor for Primetime and World News Saturday. Furthermore, he worked alongside Diane sawyer in 2009.

David Muir covered more news reports during his career, traveling from one country to another.

The journalist finally became the anchor for World News with David Muir. In addition, after Diane Sawyer, he became the next anchor and managing editor of ABC World news. The program was changed to World News Tonight with David Muir.

David Muir host the show World News Tonight with David Muir

 Is David Muir Gay?

David Muir is not new to controversial rumors and has faced a lot of issues during his career. Moreover, there were many rumors about him being gay.

The rumors spread after the anchor was seen with Gio Benitez going to gay bars. Furthermore, David neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. Until this day, the journalist still has not given his statement, so there is no confirmation of his sexuality.

Many David’s fans have expressed their comments about the news anchor’s rumored sexuality.

Is David Muir Married to his wife/Partner now?

As of the moment, David Muir is not yet a husband to anyone. Ironically, as much as he is a well-known reporter, reports on David Muir’s personal life are scarce. Consequently, there are no reports of whether or not he is seeing anyone or whether or not the news anchor is engaged to anyone.

It seems like David is focusing on his career and passion.

Whether he is single or not, the news anchor happily lives his life as per his Instagram photos.

He Reportedly dated Gio Benitez

There has been information that David Muir’s fans link him to fellow broadcaster Gio Benitez. Moreover, David and Gio were often seen together.

Rumors around them spread like wildfire. Furthermore, there were reports that the two journalists often visit gay bars together. There are even sites that claim David has been in a long-term relationship with Gio before separating.

Furthermore, both David and Gio’s supporters fawn over their rumored relationship as fans link both of them on multiple occasions. However, Gio announced that he was Tommy DiDario’s husband.

David Muir and his rumored partner, Gio Benitez
David Muir and his rumored partner, Gio Benitez

Gio Benitez is a broadcaster and news anchor for Good Morning America, ABC World News, and Nightline. The broadcaster is out and proud when it comes to his sexuality.

He married his long-time partner Tommy Didario last April 16, 2016. Furthermore, just like Gio, Tommy is also a TV correspondent who focuses primarily on lifestyle and entertainment.

His Rumored Relationship with Kate Dries

The article Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir is a ‘Monster.’ was published by Kate Dried in 2015. Because of the article, a lot of people suspected that the two were dating.

Kate wrote in the article how she and David were connecting from the beginning. She also mentioned how there was a spark between them. Moreover, Kate also wrote about when both of them visited Rome. She mentioned that she was the one who took a photo of David.

David Muir and his ex-girlfriend, Kate Dries
David Muir and his ex-girlfriend, Kate Dries

Kate explained how David told her ‘Peter Jennings was the James Bond of the evening news’ in the article. According to Kate, she did not want David to feel awkward, considering that Pete was her first love.

Furthermore, Kate also wrote about how hardworking David was and how she thinks he needs a break.

Despite the article gaining a lot of attention, David did not give any statements about it. The veteran anchor did not confirm or deny the contents of the article.

According to some online Websites: David is married to Sean

According to a few websites, David Muir is married to a person named Sean. Moreover, unofficial reports say that David and Sean were often going on dates.

However, David did not release any statement regarding the rumors of him and Sean being the man’s husband. Furthermore, there have been no photos or proof that David is married.

It seems like the anchor is keeping his romantic life away from the public. Moreover, it looks like marriage is the least of David’s priorities as of the moment.

David Muir with his rumored current partner, Sean
David Muir with his rumored current partner, Sean


David Muir is part of ABC News’ popular news reporters. Moreover, his program World News Tonight with David Muir is most watched by viewers. Because of his popularity, David Muir has a salary of about $5 million yearly.

Net Worth

David Muir has been a news anchor for 18 years. He has covered different news stories. Furthermore, he is also one of ABC News’ most in-demand anchors.

David mostly gets his earnings from being a news anchor and as a journalist. Because of his income source, the news anchor has a net worth estimate of about $20 million. Additionally, David is still active in the news reporting scene, which makes it possible for David Muir net worth to grow more in the future.

House and Cars

Being able to purchase a home is one of David Muir’s goals, and he was able to do it. Furthermore, according to David, he was able to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams after buying his own house.

According to reports, David Muir purchased a $7 million house in Skaneateles Lake. The news anchor even signed a mortgage worth $3.5 million. The house is approximately 4,300 square feet.

David Muir with his car

The house reportedly has six bedrooms, two kitchens, and three bathrooms. Moreover, the house is considered a historic home. David expressed how he could not wait to restore the house. Moreover, David also said he wanted to spend more time with his family.

In addition, David’s reason for purchasing the house was that it was a historic home worth saving. Furthermore, information on David Muir’s cars is unavailable. However, he did post a photo of him in Paris while being inside a Citroen car model.

Face Cancer

Some rumors went around about David Muir having faced cancer. The rumors started when his supporters noticed some bruising on his face. David’s supporters were left worried after seeing the anchor’s face.

However, David did not deny or confirm the rumors. Some sources say the stories were false. Moreover, David was also accused of getting plastic surgery, specifically Rhinoplasty.


David Muir stands at about 5 feet and 10 inches. He is three inches taller than Gio Benitez, who stands at about 5 foot 7. Gio and David were rumored to be dating in the past. Moreover, the anchor is also taller than Diane Sawyer, who stands at 5 feet and seven and a half inches. Diane and David worked together as anchors before David succeeded Diane.

Furthermore, David is also taller than fellow ABC News anchor Sade Baderinwa who stands at 5 foot 6.

David Muir: One of 2014’s Sexiest Newsmen Alive For People’s Magazine

David Muir joined other fellow newscasters for People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2014. Moreover, according to David, he could not believe he was one of the Sexy Newsmen. The anchor states that he remembers being a nerd during his time in High School.

Furthermore, other reporters included in the lists are Willie Geist, John Dickerson, Ari Melber, Anderson Cooper, and many more.

Family: Parents and Siblings

David Muir was born to Ronald Muir and Pat Mills. However, his parents are no longer together. In an interview, David said that he appreciates his parents’ kindness. Furthermore, David continues to show his gratitude and appreciation for his parents on social media. He mostly posts photos of his mom and dad with sweet captions.

David Miur looking happy with his mother, Pat Mills
David Muir looking happy with his mother, Pat Mills

Moreover, the news anchor has one biological sibling, Rebecca Muir. Rebecca is David’s older sister. In addition, the older Muir reportedly owns a farm in New York, particularly in Borodino. According to Rebecca’s Instagram biography, she loves growing quince, heirloom tomatoes, and other vegetables on her farm.

Additionally, Rebecca Muir is already a wife to Richard Malcolm. Photos of her along with her husband and daughter were uploaded on David’s Instagram page.

Furthermore, David posts Instagram photos of his sister while greeting her for her birthday.

David Muir's Sister, Rebecca Muir
David Muir’s Sister, Rebecca Muir

In addition, David has two step-siblings after his father married for the second time around. However, information about his step-siblings is unavailable.

David Muir Wikipedia Info

Full Name David Jason Muir
Date of Birth November 8, 1973
Profession News Anchor and Journalists for ABC News
Age (2022) 48 years old
Relationship Status Rumored to be dating a man named Sean
Net Worth $20 million
Salary $5 million per year
Siblings Rebecca Muir and two step-siblings
Parents Pat Mills and Ronald Muir

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