Sam Asghari Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth, Sister, Height, Nationality.

Hesham ‘Sam’ Asghari, is a fitness instructor, model, actor, and social media personality. Sam has dual American-Iranian nationality and is of Persian heritage. The paragraphs below contain detailed information on Sam Asghari Wikipedia biography that includes family, net worth, and love life.

Sam Asghari Age, Birthday.

Hesham is presently 27 years old, though won’t be for too long. He was born on the 4th of March 1994 in Tehran, Iran, which tells us that he’ll be 28 soon.

Sam Asghari Wikipedia

Sam, who had always been interested in sports and fitness from a young age, played for the school’s football team and was featured in the state championships twice.

Sam also took an interest in the Drama club and took part in several plays. After his schooling at Westlake, Sam joined the football program at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln but didn’t have much luck and was cut from the team as a freshman after being unable to secure a scholarship.

Sam then opted to move back to LA, where he ended up playing football at Moorpark College. His time at the institution was short-lived, and Sam quit football altogether and enrolled in Pierce College, LA, where he studied Criminal Justice.

Sam took up three jobs to support himself, sometimes sleeping between 4 to 5 hours daily. He worked as a nightclub bouncer, a gym sales representative, and a Best Buy clerk. Sam’s lifestyle and poor nutrition led him to what he intimated was rock bottom for him.

Social media personality and model, Sam Asghari
Social media personality and model Sam Asghari

In 2013 Sam decided to flip his life’s script and signed up for a fitness instructor course at Gold’s gym, where he learned about personal training, anatomy, and nutrition.

Net Worth

Sam began working on his physique and nutrition and lost 100 pounds in six months. His transformation helped him transition into his job as a fitness instructor. Furthermore, he started getting cast for modeling and acting careers.

Sam featured on his first runway show when he was just 21 for designer Michael Castello in Palm Springs. He soon after that began featuring in commercials for Toyota Prius and The Super Bowl.

Sam then did features on fifth harmony’s music video ‘work from home’ and Britney’s 2016 “Slumber Party” music video. In 2019 Sam, who still has hopes of making the big screen his permanent home, was cast as Omar on the feature film ‘Can You Keep A Secret.’

Sam has featured in more than five films since and has endorsed various products ranging from fitness supplements to luxury clothing and watch brands.

Sam has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram and often shares workout videos and fitness advice. Sam Asghari has an estimated net worth of over 1 million dollars.

Is Sam Asghari famous for being Britney Spears Boyfriend?

Sam and Britney Spears met at Britney’s 2016 “Slumber Party” music video shoot that featured Sam as a Model/Actor. The two exchanged contacts during the shoot, and they began dating shortly after.

News about their relationship was kept under wraps by the couple until 2017 when they were spotted out together by the paparazzi, and they made their relationship official. Sam reportedly proposed to Britney on Christmas in 2020, and she accepted.

In what seems to be a recurring theme, the couple kept their engagement private until September of 2021, when they announced their engagement.

Although Sam had already begun pursuing a career in modeling and acting, it can be argued that his relationship with Britney is responsible for his fame and stardom since he was living in relative obscurity before being an item with her.


Sam Asghari and Britney Spears age Difference

Sam is 13 years younger than his singer/songwriter fiancée. 


Sam is 6 feet 2 inches (188cm) tall. The fitness instructor is in excellent shape.

The fitness instructor, Sam Asghari body measurement
Sam Asghari height is 6 feet 2 inches

Parents and siblings

Sam was raised by his mother, Fatima Asghari, and his father, Mike Asghari. As far as siblings go, Sam has three sisters: Farzana, Ellie, and Maddy Asghari. Sam lived with his mother and sisters in Tehran, where he enjoyed playing soccer and dreamt of a career in sports or law enforcement.


Britney Spears boyfriend Sam moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2006 at the tender age of 12 to live with his father, who was working as a truck driver in the US. He joined Westlake high school in southern California, where his interest in football was sparked.

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