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Musical revolutionary and genius Rick Beato shares his passion for music with the world. How much do we know about his life and music journey? Keep reading to learn more about his net worth, marriage, and Wikipedia-bio.

Rick Beato Wikipedia

On April 24, 1962, Rick Beato was born in Fairport, New York. He is an American who has a great passion for music. Rick is the oldest of seven siblings. Rick’s first instrument was a cello that he learned to play. Rick learned to play the cello in the third grade but learned how to play the double bass instead in the seventh grade.

But the instrument he was genuinely passionate about was the guitar. Rick learned how to play the guitar during th summer of 1975. Additionally, Rick developed his love for jazz from his father, who loved jazz.

After graduating from Fairport High School, he studied music at Ithaca College in New York. Ithaca College is a private music-based school. Moreover, for his master’s degree, he took up jazz studies. After that, he studied jazz at the New England Conservatory of Music. Additionally, he graduated in 1987, seven years after high school.

Rick Beato post about his father on instagram

Rick worked as a college professor at Ithaca College for five years, from 1987 to 1982. Also, during his time teaching, he created a book on music theory.

This book is called The Beato Book. The Beato Book 4 is available on his website for $79.99 and is 700 pages long. Moreover, he also worked as a music producer, recording, and performing artist. He released one record during this time.

He has also performed lectures at prestigious universities such as the Berklee School of Music and the University of Alabama.

Rick Beato Net Worth

Currently, he has a Youtube channel where he posts bi-weekly about music. His channel has gained almost 3 million followers since he started it on May 24, 2006.

As of 2022, his channel has over 400 million views. To add, on his track, he posts about covers, tutorials, music analyses, top 10 ranked, and #shorts. Hence, his YouTube Channel is his primary source of income.

Rick Beato’s salary is about $517.31 per year. This number is an estimate from the number of views on his YouTube Channel. His videos get about 8.62 million views every month. This income is due to the monetization of his videos and advertisements.

Musician and Youtuber, Rick Beato Networth
Musician and Youtuber, Rick Beato

Rick’s net worth is only an estimation using the numbers on his Youtube channel. The amount is about $2.7 million based on the numbers on his YouTube. But Rick Beato’s net worth may be higher due to all his accomplishments. This amount also does not consider sponsorships, gigs, tours, and products he sells.

He also earns money from his music studio, Black Dog Sound, launched in 1995, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Rick Beato is married to His Wife Nina Beato

Rick Beato is married to his beautiful wife, Nina Beato. Nina does not want their relationship to be public, so he does not post here often.

However, Rick has posted about her on his Instagram page with the caption, “I have no pictures of her on here because she hates having her picture taken.” Despite that, from what little he posts, it is clear that they are in a happy relationship.

Rick Beato's wife Nina and son, Dylan

Moreover, Rick and Nina have three children together. They have one son and two daughters. Namely, their eldest son is named Dylan, while their daughters are named Lennon and Layla.

Also, Dylan is the oldest, while Lyla is the youngest. Rick likes to share videos of his son Dylan on his Instagram page while he learns and plays music. Additionally, he posts pictures of Lennon and Lyla learning musical instruments, but Dylan gets a lot of the spotlight.

Rick rarely posts photos of his wife, Nina, but it is usually a family photo accompanied by their children. They have taken many family photos in his music studio.

Furthermore, they all live together in Atlanta, Georgia. Rick and Nina have lived in Atlanta since the 90s.


Rick Beato with his wife, Nina and children
Rick Beato with his wife, Nina, and children

Wikipedia – info 

Name Rick Beato
Profession Musician and Youtuber
Date of Birth April 24, 1962
Relationship Married
Children Three
Hair color White

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