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Melody Holt is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and television personality from the United States. With her appearances on the show Love and Marriage, she became well-known. People just recently found out that she is a millionaire twice over. Read further to know more her net worth and boyfriend in Melody Holt’s Wikipedia bio.

Melody Holt age, birthday

The successful American entrepreneur, television personality, and motivational speaker were open to the information of her birthdate. Melody turned 37 last November 11, the year 2021. She was born and raised in Brundidge, Alabama, in the United States of America.

Melody Holt Wikipedia

Melody was born and reared in Brundidge, Alabama, in the United States. She is a part of the Afro-American ethnicity in the United States. Her role model was her mother, Vanessa, who is a writer.

We can not deny that her crafts and works are amazing; from her business to tv shows and being a speaker, it all requires writing which she gets from her mother. Details about her father and siblings were not released to the public.

Melody enrolled in Alabama University, not far from where she grew up. She studied and graduated with the degree Bachelor of Science in English language arts teacher. Upon graduating, she became a part of the school faculty, where she is an advisor in the college business public affairs department.

An entrepreneur, and Motivational speaker, Melody Holt
An entrepreneur, and Motivational speaker, Melody Holt

After graduating, she became an English teacher and taught in a local school as a high school teacher for several years. Her teaching did not satisfy her, and she took a big step in her career, starting a small business in the real estate world.

After years of hard work, Melody became an entrepreneur, TV personality, and motivational speaker from the United States.

The 36-year-old is the owner, and founder of the company HOLT and HOLT entrepreneurship, LLC; their real estate company was founded in 2010 with the help of her husband Martell; their company kept moving forward to their will and recognized as a top firm in America, especially in Alabama.

Melody Holt Net Worth

Melody has multiple sources of income; it is safe to say that with all her hard work and knowledge of what he is doing, she managed to earn about 2.2 million US dollars. Melody and Martell, her husband, did extraordinary work in the world of the real estate business.

They founded a lawn care business during their early days. After sleepless and continuous work, they turn their small business into a multi-million dollar company. The name of their company is HOLT and HOLT entrepreneurship LLC.

She is also a TV personality, in which she produces her own show “love and marriage”, she is a part-time motivational speaker that talks about marriage. With all of these jobs, her hard work paid off.

Melody Holt House and Cars

Melody has two houses; one is their original house in Alabama and divorce made her buy another one for Martell nearby their original so that Martell will be near with her childrens; Martell has custody with her kids physically and legally. Melody owns multiple luxurious cars; several are featured in her show “love and marriage.”

Melody Holt Cars

Who is Melody Holt’s Boyfriend?

Melody was married once in her life. The 36-year-old stayed single after her divorce from Martell. According to Hollywood Life, she moved on from his 12-year marriage to his husband.

Melody said that the reason for their split up is the refusal of Martell to cooperate. Martell was open about having intercourse with other people besides his wife.

He did have zero progress maturing and growing from this, which pushed Melody to turn her back to Martell with her kids in April of 2020.

Even at the first season of their show, it was already a topic; Martell’s deception became a hot subject and was discussed in front of the camera.

Melody’s fourth son was born in 2020, and despite their separation, Melody became a motivational speaker; her topic mainly was marriage. They were helping others deal with their failing marriage and empowering themselves.


Melody Holt kids

Actress Melody and Martell had four kids in their 12 years of marriage, Malliah, Selene, Mariah, and Martell. Even with her full schedule at work and business, Melody still manages to give time to her childrens, she teaches in school after her college, but then he takes her talents to the business world to support her family’s needs.

Melody Holt with her husband, Martell and kids
Melody Holt with her husband, Martell, and kids

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