Kelly Siegler Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Height.

When it comes to putting criminals in jail, Kelly Siegler is not someone you would want to mess with. With her strong sense of justice, the lawyer has gained supporters across America as she appears in different crime documentaries. Named the Giant Killer, Kelly might be one of the best lawyers and judges out there.

Get to know Kelly Siegler in this write-up. Also, find out about her age, height, and how much she is worth now.

Kelly Siegler Age

Kelly Siegler was born Kelly Renee Jalufka on October 12, 1962. Moreover, the TV celebrity is 59 years old.


Kelly stands at about 5 foot 8. Moreover, she is 4 inches taller than Jeanine Pirro. Jeanine Pirro is another famous TV star and judge.

Furthermore, the lawyer is also taller than Yolanda McClary, who stands at 5 foot 6. Yolanda and Kelly were co-hosts in the crime series Cold Justice.

Kelly Siegler Wikipedia

  • Early Life

Kelly Siegler hails proudly from Texas, particularly in Blessings. Furthermore, she was born to parents Evelyn and Billy.

Her father, Billy Jalufka, owned a barbershop and a liquor shop. Meanwhile, her mother, Evelyn, passed away in 1999 after battling cancer. According to Kelly, her mom was a cook.

  • Education

The lawyer graduated from Tidehaven High School and was her batch’s valedictorian. Moreover, Kelly attended the University of Texas and finished an International Business degree.

Attorney and TV Personality, Kelly Siegler
Attorney and TV Personality, Kelly Siegler
  • Career

Kelly used to be the state attorney for Harris County. Moreover, she also worked as the Chief of the Special Crimes Bureau.

In addition, Kelly is also a public speaker. She has done lectures in different places in America. Furthermore, she usually speaks about topics like “Jury Presentation,” “Final Arguments,” and “Arguing Effectively for a Death Sentence.”

Siegler is also known as the Giant Killer. Her nickname is that she made 19 out of 20 death penalty cases happen. Moreover, she also worked on 68 cases of murder, and not once did she lose.

In addition, she also appeared in different documentaries and series. Kelly participated in American Justice in 2005 and Forensic Files in 2010. Furthermore, she participated in Scorned: Love Kills, 48 Hours and 48 Hours: Hard Evidence, and Home & Family.

Moreover, she also appeared in Cold Justice and Cold Justice: Sex Crimes. Cold Justice centers around Kelly and Yolanda to solve cold cases across America.

Aside from being the series host, Kelly is also the producer.

Kelly Siegler Net Worth

Kelly’s income sources are her appearances in TV series and Documentaries. Moreover, she also earns through her career as a lawyer.

Moreover, the lawyer started appearing in different TV shows from 2005 until 2022. Her most popular series Cold Justice has a lot of loyal viewers, which makes the show popular. The show’s popularity possibly adds to her earnings.

Kelly’s net worth estimate is about $1 million with all the TV celebrity income sources combined.

Kelly Siegler net worth and income sources
Kelly Siegler’s  net worth is estimated to be $3 million

Kelly Siegler Wikipedia Info

Full Name Kelly Renee Jalufka
Date of Birth October 12, 1962
Profession Attorney and TV Personality
Age (2022) 59 years old
Relationship Married
Net worth $3 million

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