Who is Evan Hafer’s Wife? Kate Hafer Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia Biography

United States Army Special Forces and CIA veteran turned entrepreneur Evan Hafer have served veterans and army communities with premium-grade coffee. Being the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Rifle Coffee Company, Evan was challenged to supply the country’s first line of defense with high-grade quality coffee. This is Evan Hafer’s Wikipedia Biography.

However, he is not by himself when it comes to running the company, let alone facing the challenges of keeping America’s leading veteran-owned coffee company at the top. With his wife Kate Hafer, creating a bunch of roasted solid coffee suited for dependable people becomes a walk in the park.

Kate Hafer Wikipedia Biography

There hardly seems to be any record of Kate Hafer’s age today, but it can be said that both Evan and Kate are roughly the same age, around their late 40s or early 50s. Reports about Kate’s height and weight information are not out to the public, but photos suggest that she and Evan are also about the same size.

On the other hand, the weight difference does not seem grandeur as the couple fits, considering that Evan was an army personnel in the past.

Evan Halfer's wife, Kate Hafer
Evan Halfer’s wife, Kate Hafer

Who is Kate Hafer?

Wife of acclaimed army veteran and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, Kate Hafer is a mother of two beautiful young girls. Although not much is known about Kate’s personal life, the couple is on Instagram and are shown to post photos of themselves and their children going on various fun adventures.

She might also be a fan of the range as a photo of her and Evan with a caption stating that her husband has been teaching her how to shoot a gun before. Considering that the photo was taken on their second date, it also shows how Evan is so passionate about firearms and ammunition. It is a little too early for an activity like that.

Evan Hafer with her wife, Kate Hafer and children
Evan Hafer with her wife, Kate Hafer, and children

Net Worth

Being the supporting and ever-loving wife of Evan Hafer, Kate has also amassed quite a fortune for herself and her family.

Though official records state that Kate’s official net worth is hardly present, her husband has quite an estimate of his net worth. Together, the couple has about 500,000 USD on their shared net worth, with profits mostly coming from Black Rifle Company.

In 2019, the company had amassed 80 million US dollars and continuously expanded every year. The rough estimate of their net worth does not even include other ventures such as advertising, sponsorships, and others.

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