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David Schoen is an American attorney based in Montgomery, Alabama specializing in federal criminal cases and civil rights law. He is famous for representing former US President Donald Trump during the 2021 impeachment trial. David is a practicing Orthodox Jew and is currently the chairman of the Zionist Organization of America. The paragraphs below briefly discuss his early life, education, family, and career highlights.


David Schoen was born on the 27th of December 1958, making him 63. However, shortly after Christmas, he will turn 64-years old. Schoen is a native of Washington, DC.

David Schoen Wikipedia.

David attained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from George Washington University in 1980. He then received a full tennis scholarship to attend Boston College School of law, where he graduated with honors from Boston College (cum laude) in 1984.

He graduated from the Columbia University Law School in late 1992. He attained a Master of Laws (Doctorate) from the university.

After graduating from Boston College, David worked at a large national law firm based in Washington, DC. He could continue there but decided to quit and follow his dream career in civil rights litigation.

He then proceeded to work as a legal clerk to Hon. Truman Hobbs, Chief Judge, Alabama. He worked as a clerk for a year before he decided to go solo and opened his practice, the law office of David I. Schoen in Montgomery, Alabama, and immediately began arguing cases and appeals in state and federal courts.

An American attorney, David Schoen
An American attorney, David Schoen

After handling high-profile cases, David recently became a household name that gained international media attention.

He represented the infamous New York Financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The disgraced businessman ended up committing suicide while in police custody. David disputed that his client had committed suicide, claiming that he had visited him on the same day and had had constructive talks with him.

Furthermore, he represented Former President Donald Trump during his impeachment. David has over 35 years of experience as a lawyer and only accepts a few cases yearly so that he can give them his full attention.

David Shoen represented Former President Donald Trump during his impeachment
David Shoen represented former president Donald Trump during his impeachment.

Parents and family

David’s mother was Joan Schoen; she was a hardworking entrepreneur and owned a ford dealership. David was fond of his mother working long days.

David’s biological father, an FBI agent who was once drafted by the New York Yankees, unfortunately, lost his life when David was just four years old. Joan later remarried but David’s stepfather passed away when we was just 10 years old.

David, who was mostly raised by a single mother, once stated that he lacked a real father figure and firm religious background growing up.

David has been married for over 30 years to his wife Elizabeth Hope Kramer and together they have two children.

David Schoen has wife named wife Elizabeth Hope Kramer
David Schoen has a wife named wife Elizabeth Hope Kramer

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