Danny Duncan Wiki: Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family

You may have seen the viral video Falling with 30,000 Pennies featuring Youtube prankster Danny Duncan. Duncan is also the mastermind behind the slogan “Virginity Rocks,” which he trademarked and slapped on some t-shirts.

Get to know more about Danny Duncan, his girlfriend, family, and net worth in this article. Also, here is his age and height in this Wiki.

Danny Duncan Age

The Youtuber prankster was born on the 27th of July in 1992. Thus, his present age is currently 29 years old.

How tall is Danny Duncan?

Duncan is 5’10” tall. Compared to Youtubers he collaborated with early on, he is somewhere in between. Chris Chann is shorter than him at 5’8”. At the same time, Andrew Hales is taller than him by 3-inches since he is 5’10” tall. Alternatively, FouseyTube, who he was in some conflict with, is the same height as him at 5’8”.

Danny Duncan Height measurements
Danny Duncan’s height is 5’10”

Where does Danny Duncan Live?

Danny Duncan was originally from Englewood and thus is a Florida native. However, once he amassed a certain wealth, he purchased a beautiful $3.5 million house in Los Angeles, California. The work of art was created and built by Classical Progression and can be found in the areas of Beverly Grove.

However, Duncan often goes back and forth between his homes in Englewood and Los Angeles, living on both coasts of the United States.

Danny Duncan Wikipedia

The Falling with 30,000 pennies creator is from the area of Englewood, Florida, which has a population of 14,000 citizens. He attended a local school for his secondary education at Lemon Bay High School. Furthermore, he graduated from Lemon Bay in 2010.

An interesting fact to know, many sources and people mistake the name Gary Winthrope as his birth name. However, this is not correct. Gary Winthrope is merely a character that Duncan plays for his videos. His real name is indeed Danny Duncan.

Many do not know that Duncan was a great athlete during his time in school and younger years. Moreover, he specialized in shorter runs but was capable of longer competitions as well. In fact, Duncan was sponsored by New Balance in 2014. Accordingly, he achieved second place among his age group in the Englewood YMCA Triathlon.

A famous Youtuber, Danny Duncan
A famous Youtuber, Danny Duncan

Additionally, the now-Youtube phenomenon was very active in his community. He formed the Duncan Strength & Condition local to Englewood, where he offers his service as a personal trainer. He is also the founder of Englewood Elite Track Club, later reorganized into Florida Elite Track Club, where he coaches the locals in running events.

After graduating from Lemon Bay High School, Duncan moved into coaching professional skateboards. These people went on to compete in the X Games.

Finally, in March 2014, Duncan created his Youtube Channel along with his crew Alex Martinez, Kevin, and Cameron. Early on, he collaborated with known Youtuber named Andrew Hales and Chris Chann. His first ever video, and also his most famous, is called Falling With 30,000 Pennies, where he comically trips and drops boxes full of pennies. Currently, the video has over 30 million news.

Then, Duncan launched a merchandise and clothing line selling a wide assortment of products. This ranges from condoms to classic hoodies. One of his slogans, “Virginity Rocks,” was extremely popular among male teenagers and appeared on many of his shirts. In fact, Duncan trademarked the slogan.

Currently, he has 184 thousand followers on Twitter, nearly 600 thousand on Facebook, and over 3 million on Instagram. Danny Duncan’s Wikipedia page is not available.

Danny Duncan Net Worth

Duncan has multiple sources of income but usually focuses on merchandise and clothing items. As mentioned previously, he has the “Virginity Rocks” t-shirt line. He also has another phrase that goes, “Practice Safe Sex.”

To distribute his merchandise, Duncan is working with Killer Merch beginning in 2019. This distributor also handles high-profile clients such as Kevin Hart and the Tiny Meat Gang.

Danny Duncan net worth and income sources
Danny Duncan’s net worth is estimated at $8 million

After gaining fame from his Youtube career, he went on a 15-city tour aptly titled Virginity Rocks World Your, and tickets sold out instantly. Furthermore, he also partnered with Zumiez to offer his products in physical stores and online.

Additionally, he founded Ketnipz, which is a clothing brand alongside Harry Hambley. In August 2017, Duncan declared that he was officially a millionaire.

Indeed, he revealed that back in 2015, his daily meal was a peanut butter sandwich which he always kept in his backpack since his back account was negative $200. Now, Duncan’s net worth is a staggering $8 million.

Family: Parents, Siblings

Duncan’s parents are separated, and his father’s name is unknown. However, his mother is Sue Duncan and usually appears in his Youtube videos. Additionally, he has two siblings. He has a brother named Matthew.

However, there are not many details on Matthew. His sister, on the other hand, frequently appears in his videos. In one of his ‘pranks,’ he drove his sister’s beaten-up pick-up truck into a lake and then surprised her with a brand new car.

Danny Duncan smiling with his mother, Sue Duncan
Danny Duncan smiling with his mother, Sue Duncan

Is Danny Duncan Dating a Girlfriend?

Duncan is currently single and, thus, is not dating anyone at the moment. However, many sources mistake his girlfriend as Lindsey Bell. This is not true. There is another Youtuber by the exact name of Danny Duncan who has 200 thousand subscribers. The latter is Duncan, whose girlfriend is Lindsey Bell.

The Youtube star continues to remain single and is not looking to settle down in the near future.


Duncan is the subject of many controversies due to his carefree and happy-go-lucky personality. In fact, most of his pranks and videos end with an encounter with the police. Here are some of his controversies.

According to Danny Duncan’s Wikipedia, he was banned from his alma mater at Lemon Bay High School in 2016. The ban and trespass came after he stomped on their flag during a football game with Port Charlotte. Indeed, he was quickly escorted out of the area afterward.

Sometime around the same year, Duncan was goofing around with his friend Conner. This was their plan: they lined a pick-up truck with a tarp and placed water in it. Then they drove around town. The cops quickly stopped them then charged Duncan with endangering their safety. He was also in controversy with fans when he exposed that Youtuber FouseyTube’s pranks were staged.

Perhaps most famously was the controversy and national attained gained when a student in Roseburg, Oregon, decided to wear a “Virginity Rocks” slogan to school one day.

According to the school administration, the t-shirt could potentially cause disruption in class, and he was given three options: wear it inside out, wear a shirt provided by the school, or go home and change. He chose the latter.

Later, the student’s grandmother posted on Facebook, questioning the school’s decision. Subsequently, it caught Danny Duncan’s attention. What was his response? He drove all the way to Oregon and gave over 500 shirts to students before class started. Classic Duncan.

Danny Duncan Wikipedia Info

Full Name Danny Duncan
Date of Birth July 27, 1992
Profession Youtuber
Place of Birth Englewood, Florida
Age (2022) 29
Relationship Status Single
Children No children
Net worth $8 million

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