Amanda Gorman Net Worth, Age, Parents, Twin Sister, Wikipedia Facts.

American poet Amanda Gorman is one of the youngest inaugural poets ever! Her rise to fame brought interest to her life. Amanda Gorman’s Wikipedia-type biography reveals her net worth, parents, and sister.

Now everyone wants to know facts about Amanda from her family to her biography. You’re in luck since we’ve got the details on the famous poet. Go ahead and scroll down to learn more!

Amanda Gorman Age.

On March 7, 1998, Amanda Gorman was born. Thus, she is currently 23 years old.

Amanda Gorman Wikipedia.

  • Early Life

Amanda Gorman was born and raised in Los Angeles. Accordingly, she grew up feeling like an alien due to her color. However, being raised in an environment that limits electronics, she became interested in reading and writing.

Moreover, when Amanda was younger, she suffered from an auditory processing disorder. This disorder made her hypersensitive to sound and gave her speech problems. However, this didn’t stop her from doing what she loved.

Moreover, she participated in speech therapy to improve her hearing and speech. She considers her disorder a blessing, for it helped her improve her reading and writing skills.

  • Education

She attended a private school in Santa Monica called New Roads. Moreover, Amanda took up Sociology at Harvard College. Back in 2019, she spent a semester in Madrid, Spain. In 2020, she graduated from her course as a cum laude.

Famous American poet, Amanda Gorman Career
Famous American poet, Amanda Gorman
  • Career

Amanda’s love for writing and a poem by Shelly Fredman sparked her interest in poetry writing. In 2013, she aspired to be a youth delegate after watching a United Nations speech by Pakistani Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Moreover, she was chosen as a youth poet laureate for Los Angeles in 2014.

By 2015, she published her poetry book The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough. Then in 2016, she founded One Pen One Page, a non-profit organization for writing and leadership. She continued to write poetry and even won a few more awards. In addition, she appeared in an episode of the web series Good News.

However, she gained attention as the poet laureate for Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

Rise to fame after Reading Poem at Joe Biden Inauguration

On January 20, 2021, Amanda Gorman created history as the youngest inaugural poet laureate in America. During the inauguration, she read a revision of her poem “The Hill We Climb.” She hopes that her poem will represent unity in their country, as she told The Washington Post.

Moreover, according to Amanda, the first lady, Jill Biden, recommended her for the inauguration. After appearing on such a coveted stage, she made appearances in various talk shows. Furthermore, her book of poetry collection was one of the bestsellers in 2021.

Amanda Gorman at Joe Biden Inaguration
Amanda Gorman at Joe Biden Inaguration

Aside from publishing books, Amanda also signed with IMG Models in endorsing fashion, beauty, and talent. Moreover, her writing skills brought more opportunities for her. However, her fame didn’t mean she would be treated better. She tweeted how it’s the reality of black girls. Such occurrences won’t stop her from promoting the presence of injustice and inequality.

Net Worth

As a poet, Amanda earns quite a decent amount. However, after reading her poetry at the inauguration of Joe Biden, her net worth skyrocketed. Now, she has a net worth of around $2 million. 


The young activist is the daughter of a single mother, Joan Wicks. Moreover, Joan works at an inner-city school as a sixth-grade English teacher.

As someone who does teaching as a profession, she raises her kids with a love for reading and writing. She taught them the importance of education and how it can change one’s life.

Amanda Gorman with her mother, Joan Wicks and sister
Amanda Gorman smiling with her mother, Joan Wicks, and sister, Gabrielle Gorman

In an interview with The New York Times, Amanda mentioned how her mom said that “literacy influences young students.” She took it to heart and made it an inspiration to face life. Thus, Amanda owes her poems to her mother for enlightening her about social issues.

Twin Sister Gabrielle Gorman

Gabrielle Gorman is an activist. But her primary work is film writing and directing. Aside from twin sister Amanda, they have a sibling.

Gabrielle Gorman was born on March 7, 1998, in Los Angeles. She also attended New Roads. In addition, she found interest in poetry and even wrote the poem “Blossom.” However, Gabrielle was more into filmmaking. Therefore, she turned her poem into a film in 2014.

Moreover, in 2016 she joined the My Hero International Film Festival in Laguna Beach, California. She even won the 2016 Best Student Experimental award for her six-minute film “Dear America.”

Amanda Gorman's twin sister, Gabrielle Gorman
An activist, Gabrielle Gorman

Gabrielle enrolled in UCLA’s School of Film and Television in 2016. Furthermore, as a Shandaland Shadowee, she was given a chance to train and experience production set filming. These were for hit shows “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder.”

In the same year, she was named by the National YoungArts Foundation as one of the top seven filmmakers in the United States.

Gabrielle also has an Aaron Sorkin Writing award. Moreover, she was among the 60 artists nominated for the U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts. The award is the highest honor given to American youth.

In 2017, she took a five-month internship at Complex Networks in Los Angeles as a video editor. By 2018, she was an intern for the film collective owned by Ava Duvernay.

In addition, Gabrielle also took an internship at Scooter Braun Projects as a content developer. Gabrielle has directed documentaries as well. In 2019, she produced a short documentary about an African-American World War II veteran. It was titled “Mr. Ewing.” Unsurprisingly, she did all these films and documentaries before graduating.

In 2020, she graduated from UCLA as a cum laude with a Bachelor in Arts in screenwriting. As mentioned earlier, Gabrielle is an activist. Moreover, her film works represent her support for them. Even after graduating, she continues to work with non-profit groups like TEDx to promote positive social change. You can find her short films on her YouTube channel, Gabrielle Gorman.

Amanda Gorman Wikipedia

Name Amanda Gorman
Full Name Amanda S. C. Gorman
Birthdate March 7, 1998
Age (2022) 23 years old
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Parents Joan Wicks (Mother)
Siblings Gabrielle (Sister) & Unnamed Sibling
Profession Poet, Activist
Net Worth (2022) $2 Million

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